Southern Africa

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Place.png Southern Africa

Southern Africa is the southernmost subregion of the African continent.[1]


Nation states

Nation stateDescription
AngolaSouth West African state
BotswanaCountry in Southern Africa. Formerly part of the British Empire, Botswana is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world.
ComorosObscure island nation off the east coast of Africa. A nation formed at a crossroads of different civilisations, The Comoros is noted for its diverse culture.
EswatiniSmall African Kingdom; surrounded by South Africa.
LesothoSmall landlocked nation in Africa.
MadagascarA large island off southern Africa
MalawiFormer UK colony in East Africa
NamibiaA diamond rich territory, formerly occupied by South Africa
South AfricaA former British and Dutch colony



Rhodesian Bush War
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