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Gertrude Trumpel-Gugerell11 November 1952AustriaAustrian central banker. Attended 2 Bilderberg meetings as member of the executive board of the European Central Bank.
Ben Verwaayen11 February 1952Netherlands
Björn Wahlroos10 October 1952Finland6 times visitor to the Bilderberg.
Vin Weber24 July 1952Adviser to 2008 US presidential hopeful Mitt Romney
Leon Wieseltier14 June 1952US
Gerrit Zalm6 May 1952NetherlandsDutch politician. Shell. Attended the Bilderberg in 2014, personally prosecuted for money laundering at ABN AMRO Bank.
Anders Åslund17 February 1952SwedenQuad Bilderberger, Integrity Initiative. Responsible for the Russian demographic catastrophe in the 1990s.