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Capital cityVienna
LeaderChancellor of Austria
Typenation state
Member ofInternational Energy Agency, OECD
SubpageAustria/Foreign Minister
Austria/Minister for Transport Innovation and Technology
Austria/Minister of Interior

Austria is a German-speaking nation state in central Europe.


It was annexed by Germany prior to WWII.

Outlawing Internet anonymity

In 2019, the Austrian government was reported to be considering attempting to outlaw internet anonymity due to concerns about "hate speech".[1]


Glyphosate was banned in Austria in 2019.[2]


Ambassadors to Austria

Nation stateStartDescription
Ambassador to Austria
Germany/Ambassador to Austria
UK/Ambassador to Austria
US/Ambassador to Austria8 February 1838



Le Cercle/2003 (Salzburg)


Groups Headquartered Here

A Group Headquartered Here
Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
University of Graz
Vienna University of Technology


Citizens of Austria on Wikispooks

Paul Achleitner28 September 1956Chairman - Deutsche Bank, Bayer AG, Bilderberg Steering committee
Hannes Androsch18 April 1938
Heribert Apfalter22 September 192526 August 1987
Erich Becker
René Benko20 May 1977
Peter Brabeck-Letmathe13 November 1944
Tassilo Broesigke8 June 19199 September 2003
Oscar Bronner14 January 1943
Erhard Busek25 March 1941
Willibald Cernko7 July 1956
Karl Czernetz12 February 19103 August 1978
Alfons Dalma26 May 191928 July 1999
N. Dreihann-HoleniaUnknown "in attendance" at the 1980 Bilderberg
Andrea Ecker
Werner Faymann4 May 1960
Heinz Fischer9 October 1938
Alfred Gusenbauer8 February 1960
Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger
Edith Tudor Hart28 August 190812 May 1973
Hans Peter Haselsteiner1 February 1944
Adolf Hitler20 April 188930 April 1945
Adrian Hänni
Hans Igler29 July 19205 May 2010Austrian economist and politician. Bilderberg Steering committee
Peter Jankowitsch10 July 1933Bilderberg Steering committee
Dietrich Karner
Thomas Klestil4 November 19326 July 2004
Max Kothbauer30 March 1950
Bruno Kreisky22 January 191129 July 1990Single Bilderberger Austrian Chancellor
Walter Krivitsky28 June 189910 February 1941A spook and defector
Friedrich König19 March 1933Former Austrian politician and attendee of Le Cercle.
Erwin Lanc17 May 1930
Franz LeibenfrostApril 1938
Wolfgang Leitner1953
Paul Lendvai24 August 1929Austrian Triple Bilderberger academic
Peter Löscher17 September 1957
Hede Massing6 January 19008 March 1981
Peter Mitterbauer14 November 1942
Fritz Molden8 April 192411 January 2014
Manfred Nowak26 June 1950
Willibald Pahr5 June 1930
Wolfgang Petritsch26 August 1947
Hugo Portisch19 February 1927
Stefan Possony15 March 191326 April 1995
Gerhard Randa13 September 1944
Pamela Rendi-Wagner7 May 1971
Walter Rothensteiner7 March 1953
Richard Schenz
Guido Schmidt-Chiari13 September 193221 August 2016
Rudolf Scholten3 November 1955Austrian politician on the Bilderberg Steering committee
Furst Karl J. Schwarzenberg
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