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(TV producer, Radio producer, journalist)
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Alma materUniversity of York
Interests • Dr Rola
• Syria
• Diana Spencer/Inquest
• Diana Spencer/Death
• Saving Syria's Children
A film producer who has spoken out against the UK establishment.

Victor Lewis-Smith was sufficiently interested in the research of Robert Stuart into the BBC Dr Rola episode abut Syria, that he has announced plans to make a crowdfunded documentary investigating the program, with Robert's assistance.[1]


Diana Spencer/Premature death

Full article: Diana Spencer/Premature death

In 2015 Lewis-Smith posted audio to YouTube of a phonecall to the late Diana Spencer, in which she converses with a fake Stephen Hawking, reportedly one of a series of spoof interviews which were aired on BBC Radio 1 in the 1990s.[2] Victor Lewis-Smith produced the film Unlawful Killing about the inquest of Diana Spencer.[3] It was effectively banned [How?] in the UK and US.[4]

Saving Syria's Children

Full article: Saving Syria's Children

After research from Robert Stuart, Victor Lewis-Smith expressed concern about the authenticity of the Saving Syria's Children Panorama episode. On February 28, 2017, Victor Lewis-Smith tweeted to the BBC "Shall I cut or rip it up? Pls agree to release the rushes or the contract is destroyed tomorrow." The BBC did not release the rushes, so Lewis-Smith ripped up his contract.[1]


Victor Lewis Smith cancelled his contract with the BBC after they refused to publish the rushes of Saving Syria's Children as requested by Robert Stuart.


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