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Membership• Omar Abdullah
• Segun Adeniji
• Thomas Adès
• Tarek Aggad
• Amyn Alami
• Barry Appleton
• Parvin Najafgholi Ardalan
• Rodrigo Baggio
• Raghav Bahl
• Manal El Batran
• John Battelle
• Hassan Bernoussi
• Sanjay Bhatnagar
• Eva Biaudet
• Hania Bitar
• Dafna C. Bonas
• William F. Browder
• Wenceslao Casares
• Nigel Chanakira
• Irene Charnley
• Iain Conn
• Yvette Cooper
• Juan Costa Climent
• André Cunha
• Tomasz Czechowicz
• Thoko Didiza
• Mathias Döpfner
• Myles C. Druckman
• Charles Dunstone
• Mark Fields
• David Frankel (WEF)
• Sebastian Freitag
• Enrique Gomez Junco
• Tomás González Estrada
• Patrick Grove
• Tom Hadfield
• Ted Halstead
• Assilah Z. A Harthy
• Nezha Hayat
• Jack D. Hidary
• Mellody Hobson
• Tim Jackson
• David Kamenetzky
• Carlos E. Kempff Bruno
• Lam Joy-Shan
• Per E. Larsson
• Lee Jaewoong
• Tamas Leisztinger
• Lu Li
• Jack Ma
• Edward Mallinckrodt
• Olukunle Malomo
• Melanie D. Marshall
• Javier Martinez Staines
• Oki Matsumoto
• Zanele Mavuso Mbatha
• Andrew McLaughlin
• Gabriel Mesa Zuleta
• Hiroshi Mikitani
• Imogen N. Mkhize
• Nikhil Nanda
• Taslima Nasreen
• Indrek Neivelt
• Evan M. Newmark
• Arkadiusz Nowak
• Antóin Ó'Lachtnáin
• Godwin N. Obaseki
• Hans U. Obrist
• Siddhartha S. J. B. Rana
• José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
• Linda Rottenberg
• Theogène Rudasingwa
• Rui Chenggang
• Vicki A. Saunders
• Roman Stanek
• Natasha Stott Despoja
• Nurzhan S. Subkhanberdin
• Jacek Szwajcowski
• Jim Tananbaum
• Sabriye Tenberken
• Vesna Terselic
• Nicola Thibaudeau
• Anthony Tjan
• Reinaldo L. S. Trindade
• Ruben K. Vardanian
• Anthony Venus
• Victoria of Sweden
• Wang Zhidong
• David M. Webb
• Wong Toon-King
• Fareed Zakaria
• Ahmed Zayat
• Charles C. Y. Zhang
• Zhao Min
• Ekatherina Zhuravskaya
• Sindi Zilwa
WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow 2001


The complete list of participants in the World Economic Forum's Global Leaders for Tomorrow program for the year 2001 has been removed from their website, but possible to find in archived form [1]. The previous year's cadre is listed at WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/2000, the next as WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/2002.

Selected examples

The Respiray portable air purifier developed by 2001 Young Leader Indrek Neivelt

John Battelle - helped launch Wired in the 1990s. By 2020 on the Advisory Board of the CIA-close NewsGuard, a company which purports to tackle "disinformation" through its browser extension.


Known members

15 of the 96 of the members already have pages here:

John BattelleHelped launch Wired in the 1990s. Young Global Leaders. On the Advisory Board of the CIA-front NewsGuard
Victoria BernadotteHeir to the Swedish throne
Bill BrowderSpooky businessman. At one point the largest foreign investor in Russia, barred from entering Russia in 2005, he has actively worked for regime change since then.
Yvette CooperChair of the Home Affairs Select Committee
Natasha Stott DespojaAustralian politician, diplomat and advocate. WEF Global Leader for Tomorrow 2001
Mathias DöpfnerCEO of mightiest media group in Germany and Europe, Axel Springer SE, member of the Bilderberg Steering Committee and other transatlantic networks, most notably Atlantik-Brücke. Became billionaire after receiving gift from elderly widow.
David Frankel (WEF)
Ted HalsteadWEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/2001. Started several "conservative" carbon reduction NGOs.
Mellody Hobsonpresident and co-CEO of Ariel Investments, wife of filmmaker George Lucas
Jack MaChinese business magnate and founder of Alibaba Group. WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/2001. On the Board of the World Economic Forum.
Hiroshi Mikitani"I want [COVID-19] vaccinations to proceed at warp speed", head of Japan's biggest online retailer
Indrek NeiveltDeveloped a "wearable air purifier". Selected a Global Leader for Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum in 2001.
Jacek SzwajcowskiBilderberg Big pharma exec owner of KIPF, which was paid PLN 110,000,000 "to actively manage working capital needs across business lines in light of increased sales volatility caused by the Covid-19 outbreak."
Fareed ZakariaNewsweek Editor, first Indian Bilderberger, WEF AGM regular, WEF YGL 2005 ...
José Luis Rodríguez ZapateroAttended the 2010 Bilderberg as Prime Minister of Spain
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