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Main Page Images

Sorted in reverse date order to facilitate easy selection of images that have not yet appeared on the main page

Images for use on the Main Page have Category:Main Page images. The image currently appearing in the Main Page is the one in this category that has the latest date.

This page is to facilitate uploading, titling, captioning and subsequent selection of suitable images prior to being selected for actual appearance. Such images are given a date of 1 January 2010 or earlier. Duplicate dates are OK.

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Title Proposed revision to NATO logo Nato-terrorists.jpg
Date 1 January 2009
Subject(s) “Terrorism”
Description With its Operation Gladio, Yugoslavia, and Libyan operations/campaigns as guides, here is a more fitting by-line and emblem for NATO

Title Tony Bliar - war criminal Tony-blair-war-criminal.jpg
Date 1 January 2010
Subject(s) Tony Blair
Description No comment

Title Obama and Putin Obama-Putin3.jpg
Date 1 January 2010
Subject(s) Vladimir Putin
Description No comment

Title The other 'Water Bucket Challenge' WaterBucketChallenge.jpg
Date 1 January 2010
Subject(s) Inequality
Description No comment

Title The blood-soaked President of Ukraine 2014 Poroshenko1.jpg
Date 1 January 2010
Subject(s) 2014 Ukraine coup
Description Pyotr Poroshenko, 5th President of the Ukraine.

Title The differences between a Rebel and a Terrorist Rebel-terrorist.jpg
Date 1 January 2010
Subject(s) “War on Terror”
Description Both financed supplied and used by Uncle Sam to purposes largely hidden from its population herd

Title Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings.... Hiroshima terrorists.jpg
Date 1 January 2010
Subject(s) War, War crime
Description But the superior 'wisdom' of adults blinds them to the obvious

Title The scary EU gang and their Russian victim EU and the bears oil.jpg
Date 1 January 2010
Subject(s) Russia, Geopolitics, European Union
Description No comment

Title "The most moral army in the world" IDF-Gaza-Teeshirt.jpg
Date 12 August 2014
Subject(s) Israel/Defense Forces
Description August 2014 in a Tel Aviv bar. IDF hero recounts his part in the massacre of over 2,000 people and the near total destruction of the Gaza infrastructure by "The most moral army in the world"

Title Sanctions blow-back. OOPS!! RussianSanctionsReply.jpg
Date 15 August 2014
Description The effect of Russia's reply to sanctions imposed by Western countries on Russia in the wake of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 disaster. EU Producers glum - Russians approve

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