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Concept.png War crime 
A meme featuring Tony Blair.
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See also War criminal.

Iraq War

The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission was established to oversee and investigate complaints from victims of wars and armed conflict in relation to crimes against peace, war crimes, crimes against humanity and other like offences as recognized under International Law. In November 2011 the tribunal tried in absentia former US President George W. Bush and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, convicting both for crimes against peace in connection with the 2003 Iraq war.


Saleh v. Bush et al.

Full article: Saleh v. Bush

Sundus Shaker Saleh, an Iraqi single mother and refugee living in Jordan filed a complaint in March 2013 in San Francisco federal court alleging that the named officials schemed since 1998 to invade Iraq by using 9-11 to mislead and scare the American public into supporting a the war. She argued that the waging of the 2003 Iraq war constituted a "crime of aggression" against Iraq, applying the legal theory that was used by the Nuremberg Tribunal to convict Nazi war criminals after World War II. The case has been brought to court by Comar Law, who are acting pro bono.


Israel is widely accused of committing war crimes, for example by the United Nations, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. USA repeatedly exercises its veto power over the UN Security Council to prevent forceful actions in this regard.[1]



Page nameDescription
"Bucha massacre"
2003 Iraq WarA war for oil carried out after "Operation Mass Appeal" an MI6-backed propaganda campaign.
2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine/War CrimesA list of War crimes and propaganda in this event.
2023-2024 Israel-Hamas War/Israeli invasion of GazaAfter October 7, Israel invaded Gaza with widespread international support. The IDF went on a widely reported revenge killing spree. Even by Israel's own account, they killed 19500 Palestinian civilians after half a year of bombing hospitals, schools and civilian towers, utilizing numerous condemned tactics.
Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuseTop level sanctioned torture on US prisoners, both to gather information about the effects of torture on victims and perpetrators as well as to intimidate and sew dragon's teeth.
Bentalha massacreAlgerian civil war massacre, where GIA, the group which took responsibility, might have been infiltrated and taken over by the Algerian government.
DefoliantA defoliant is any herbicidal chemical sprayed or dusted on plants to cause their leaves to fall off
El Mozote Massacre
Hannibal DirectiveSecret directive whereby Israeli officers and soldiers are required to do everything in their power to prevent captures, even if this entails the death of the prisoner.
Kramatorsk railway station attackA missile attack on the railway station of the Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk, which killed 57
Kunduz hospital airstrikeOn 3 October 2015, an United States Air Force AC-130U gunship machine-gunned a hospital operated by Doctors Without Borders in the city of Kunduz in northern Afghanistan. At least 42 people were killed and over 30 were injured in the hour-long deliberate attack.
Operation BurnhamRevenge massacre by New Zealand occupation forces in Afghanistan.
Srebrenica Massacre
The Massacre at Mazar2001 massacre when maybe 7,500 Taliban prisoners of war were shot and/or suffocated to death in metal shipping containers. Degree of US participation disputed.
Vietnam War/My Lai MassacreThe systematic, cold-blooded murder, butchery and rape of 504 Vietnamese civilians including 173 children by a company of 115 US army soldiers.
War of aggression
Winston Churchill/Chemical warfareWinston Churchill was apparently keen to use chemical weapons.


Related Quotations

"Bucha massacre"“It begs the question why would the Russian army commit this atrocity on civilians wearing neutral white armbands after delivering large quantities of humanitarian aid?”George Eliason5 April 2022
Shinzō Abe“I think the definition of what constitutes 'aggression' has yet to be established in academia or in the international community. Things that happened between nations will look different depending on which side you view them from.”Shinzō Abe26 April 2015
Seymour Hersh“But one of the things we did, ostensibly to improve the conditions of prisoners, we demanded that the American soldiers operating in Afghanistan could only hold a suspected Taliban for four days, 96 hours. If not... after four days they could not be sure that this person was not a Taliban, he must be freed. Instead of just holding them and making them Taliban, you have to actually do some, some work to make the determination in the field. Tactically, in the field. So what happens of course, is after three or four days, "bang, bang" — I'm just telling you — they turn them over to the Afghans and by the time they take three steps away the shots are fired. And that's going on. It hasn't stopped. It's not just me that's complaining about it. But the stuff that goes on in the field, is still going on in the field — the secret prisons, absolutely, oh you bet they're still running secret prisons. Most of them are in North Africa, the guys running them are mostly out of Djibouto [sic]. We have stuff in Kenya (doesn't mean they're in Kenya, but they're in that area).”Seymour HershJanuary 2011
Michael Parenti“The first atrocity, the first war crime committed in any war of aggression by the aggressors is against the truth.”Michael Parenti
Petro Poroshenko“we [in Ukraine] will have work they – [in the Donbas] won’t. We will have pensions – they won’t. We will care for our children and pensioners – they won’t. Our children will go to school, to kindergartens – their children will sit in cellars*. They don’t know how to organize or do anything. This, ultimately, is how we will win this war.”Petro PoroshenkoOctober 2014
Donald Trump“The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. They care about their lives, don't kid yourself. When they say they don't care about their lives, you have to take out their families.”Donald Trump2 December 2015
UK/Army“The British army operated rules of engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan that at times allowed soldiers to shoot unarmed civilians who were suspected of keeping them under surveillance, a Middle East Eye investigation has established.

The casualties included a number of children and teenage boys, according to several former soldiers interviewed by MEE.

Two former infantrymen allege that they and their fellow soldiers serving in southern Iraq were at one point told that they had permission to shoot anyone seen holding a mobile telephone, carrying a shovel, or acting in any way suspiciously.

The rules were relaxed, they say, in part because of concerns that unarmed individuals were acting as spotters for militants, or were involved in planting roadside bombs.<a href="#cite_note-4">[4]</a>
Ian Cobain4 February 2019


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TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Assange ruling a dangerous precedent for journalists and British justiceArticle10 December 2021Jonathan CookAnd yet despite all this, the English High Court ruled on 10 December 2021 that it was satisfied with “assurances” that Assange’s wellbeing would be protected were he extradited to the United States. British judges may be persuaded by those assurances. Many others, including Assange, will not be.
Document:Kosovo MafiaarticleMatt McAllester
Jovo Martinovic
Document:Remembrance Day and the truths that dare not speak their nameblog post8 November 2018John WightIf Remembrance Day imparts a message worthy of our collective intelligence it is that war should be made a crime, with those who instigate it punished as criminals. In the last analysis it does not determine who is right only who is left. We have met the enemy and he is us. End.
Document:War CrimesArticle9 October 2022Jacob DreizinAn article that was written on the occurrence of the disposal of civilians posted in video by Maksim Zhorin.
Document:We are the war criminals nowArticle29 November 2001Robert FiskGeorge W. Bush says that "you are either for us or against us" in the war for civilisation against evil. Well, I'm sure not for bin Laden. But I'm not for Bush. I'm actively against the brutal, cynical, lying "war of civilisation" that he has begun so mendaciously in our name and which has now cost as many lives as the World Trade Center mass murder.
File:Council of Europe Kosovo Report.pdfreport12 December 2010The Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights
File:NATO-KFOR-Kosovo Organised Crime.pptpresentationThis appears to be a NATO-KFOR presentation on organised crime in Kosovo. The presentation is marked "SECRET NATO" and "Created by "Cpt. Sikora CZA". There is no indication of date but it's contents place it around 2000-2004 - probably as part of the considerations surrounding the preparations for declaring Kosovo independance from Serbia.
File:NATO-KFOR-Kosovo Organised Crime.zipimage38 images which appear to be the content of a NATO-KFOR presentation on organised crime in Kosovo. The presentation is marked "SECRET NATO" and "Created by "Cpt. Sikora CZA". There is no indication of date but it's contents place it around 2000-2004 - probably as part of the considerations surrounding the preparations for declaring Kosovo independance from Serbia.
File:SECRET-KFOR Dossier on Xhavit Haliti.pdfreport10 March 2004A forensic report of the examination of a house in Burrel, Albania, alleged to have been used for the removal of human organs prior to the killing an burial of victims.
File:UNMIK Forensic Report Organ Trafficking Kosovo.pdfreport18 June 2004A forensic report of the examination of a house in Burrel, Albania, alleged to have been used for the removal of human organs prior to the killing an burial of victims.
File:UNMIK Investigation Organ Trafficking Kosovo.pdfreportExtensive information about human organ trafficking in Kosovo implicating senior members of the Kosovo government. It comprises a memo to the then UN Chief of Investigations from the Head of the UNMIK Mission - the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo - dated 30 October 2003, together with documents dealing with various aspects of the investigations.


Convicted of War crime

Friedrich Flick10 July 188320 July 1972GermanBusinessperson
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