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(politician, deep state actor?)
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BornDianne Emiel Goldman
June 22, 1933
San Francisco, California, U.S.
DiedSeptember 29, 2023 (Age 90)
Alma materStanford University
Parents • Leon Goldman
• Betty Rosenburg
ChildrenKatherine Feinstein
Spouse • Jack Berman
• Bertram Feinstein
• Richard C. Blum
Member ofAspen Strategy Group, Council on Foreign Relations/Members, Trilateral Commission
US deep state operative. Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee

Employment.png International Narcotics Control Caucus/Chair

In office
January 20, 2021 - September 29, 2023

Employment.png United States Senator from California

In office
November 4, 1992 - September 29, 2023
Serving with Barbara Boxer

Employment.png Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee

In office
January 3, 2009 - January 3, 2015

Employment.png Chair of the Senate Narcotics Caucus

In office
January 3, 2009 - January 3, 2015
Preceded byJoe Biden
Succeeded byCharles Grassley

Employment.png Chair of the Senate Rules Committee

In office
January 3, 2007 - January 3, 2009
Succeeded byCharles Schumer

Employment.png Mayor of San Francisco Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
December 4, 1978 - January 8, 1988

Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein was an American politician and United States senator from California from 1992 until her death in 2023.

With her close ties to the military-industrial complex,she has been referred to as "a woman whose love of power and contempt for the US constitution knows no bounds,"[1] benefiting financially immensely in the process.

She attended the 1991 Bilderberg meeting and was part of the Trilateral Commission.

Career start

Feinstein was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1969[2]. During her tenure on the Board of Supervisors, she unsuccessfully ran for mayor of San Francisco twice. Feinstein was elected president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1978.[3]

She was elevated to mayor after Dan White murdered Mayor George Moscone and fellow Supervisor Harvey Milk on November 27, 1978.[4]

On January 20, 1980, her third marriage was to the billionaire financier Richard C. Blum. Blum and Feinstein were key players in the San Francisco Democratic Party political machine. The marriage created a family economic and political alliance that in a little over a decade made them to become the top power couple in the state of California with a place on the national and world stages.[5] Blum generously financed Feinstein's campaigns. Both Blum and Feinstein were members of the Council on Foreign Relations. Blum was trustee of and part of the power structure of the Brookings Institute.[6]

She was a member of the Trilateral Commission in 1988.[7]

Feinstein made an unsuccessful bid for governor of California in 1990. She won the Democratic nomination, but lost the general election to U.S. Senator Pete Wilson, who resigned from the Senate to assume the governorship. The Feinstein failed campaign failed to disclose a series of bank loans arranged by Blum that amounted to at least $2.9 million. Her campaign was fined a total of $190,000 by California’s state watchdog agency, the largest such cash settlement in state history, for an "outrageous case of gross negligence: [8].


Feinstein ran for U.S. Senate in a 1992 special election to complete Senator Pete Wilson's unexpired term after Wilson became Governor of California.[9] She sat in the Senate until her death in 2023.

Feinstein's personal enrichment from her political postings were long commented on. The Los Angeles Times[10] wrote after observing only her actions for only a short time in office:

A review of the senator’s first two years in office found that Feinstein supported several positions that benefited Blum, his wealthy clients and their investments. She was a vocal proponent of increased trade with China while Blum’s firm was planning a major investment there. She also voted for appropriations bills that provided more than $100 million a year in federal funds to three companies in which her husband is a substantial investor."

She and her husband have benefited immensely from their connections to government contracts and insider deals. For example, Blum received a contract to oversee the sale of post offices in California, despite an obvious conflict of interest.[11][12]

Feinstein also made a name for herself as an advocate for the military-industrial complex. As chairperson of the Senate’s Military Construction Appropriations subcommittee from 2001-2007, Feinstein supervised and supported the appropriation of over $1.5 billion for two military contractors, URS Corporation and Perini Corporation, both companies that Blum had a controlling interest in. Blum later sold URS for a reported personal profit of $57 million. When Feinstein’s actions were exposed in early 2007, she abruptly quit her post on this subcommittee.

She was a staunch supporter of the F-35 fighter jet program, despite its high cost and questionable effectiveness.[13]

She was a vocal supporter of the 2003 Iraq War and voted for the resolution that authorized the invasion.[14]

She also voted for the Patriot Act[15].

She has consistently voted to increase military spending and to fund controversial programs like drone strikes and surveillance.[16]


Events Participated in

Bilderberg/19916 June 19919 June 1991Germany
Steigenberger Hotel Badischer Hof
The 39th Bilderberg, 114 guests
WEF/Annual Meeting/200724 January 200728 January 2007World Economic Forum
Only the 449 public figures listed of ~2200 participants
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