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South Africa
DiedJuly 1998 (Age 62)
Alma materSidney Sussex College (Cambridge)
A Deputy Director General of MI5, currently with no Wikipedia page.

Julian Faux was an MI5 officer.[1]

Official Narrative



Faux was born in South Africa and educated at Michaelhouse school in Natal and at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, where he read history. He subsequently joined the Colonial Service and served as a District Commissioner in Swaziland. The Times records:

It was with great reluctance and regret that Faux resigned from the Colonial Service in 1968 on the eve of Swaziland's independence.
He refused to return to South Africa because of his hatred of apartheid, and decided instead to seek a new career in Britain.[1]


He joined MI5 in 1968, according to The Times, which states that: "He served in the counter-sabotage section and then had two successive tours as an agent-runner, working against terrorist and espionage targets. It was these postings which showed his natural aptitude for operational assignments, rather than desk work."[1]

Faux was posted to C Branch in 1971. according to the official historian of MI5, Christopher Andrew, Faux found the branch's work "esoteric and arcane."[2] In 1972, he was pleased to be transferred to a section within the branch headed by David Sutherland, who was involved in the creation of an SAS counter-terrorist unit.[3] This may have been the counter-sabotage section referred to by The Times.

In the early 1970s, Faux was involved in F5 operations against Northern Ireland loyalists which led to convictions for smuggling arms and explosives. Faux later attributed these successes to close collaboration with local Special Branches.[4] From 1978, he spent two years as the MI5 security officer at the British Embassy in Moscow, where he was officially a First Secretary. In 1981, Faux was appointed assistant director (i.e. section head) of MI5's A4 surveillance section. He subsequently took charge of a counter-espionage agent-running section, which according to The Times was a joint MI5/MI6 section. In 1985, he was appointed director of A branch.[1]

Deputy Director General

Faux succeeded Patrick Walker as Deputy Director General (Operations) in 1988.[1] In January 1990, he minuted Walker, now Director General:

We have consistently over the last 18 months or so told the Home Office about our unease concerning the ability of MSPB to effectively investigate the PIRA threat on the mainland, and to analyse the intelligence of that threat. At the same time we have made it clear we do not wish to unnecessarily disturb our improving relations with MSPB on the Irish question."[5]

He added that for MI5 to take over lead role was "perhaps the ideal solution but totally impractical at the present time because we do not have the resources."[6]

Later activities

Faux retired in 1993. He subsequently worked as a security consultant, mainly in Commonwealth countries.[1] One project during this period was a report which recommended the abolition of the Fiji Intelligence Service. The Fijilive website reported:

Senator Manueli said a retired senior intelligence officer, Julian Faux, of Britain, reviewed the FIS and his report was not well received by Col Mua. In his report, Mr Faux found that the quality of intelligence in the police force is higher because they have a broader network and has been in existence for many years.
Mr Faux said 400,000 dollars can be saved by combining the functions under one umbrella, which can be channelled to the force's special branch so it can improve the FIS's performance.[7]

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