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(academic, editor, author)
Mark Crispin Miller.jpg
Alma materNorthwestern University, Johns Hopkins University
Parents • Jordan Miller
• Anita Miller
Interests • Corporate media
• Propaganda
• Conspiracy theories
A professor of journalism and prominent critic of commercially-controlled media

Mark Crispin Miller is professor of media studies at New York University. He is a prominent critic of the corporate news machine, especially its tacit acceptance of false flag events and electoral fraud,[1] and has also done analysis of Covid-19 and propaganda.


His's parents, Jordan and Anita Miller, were the founders of Academy Chicago Publishers.


Miller has written several books, including Cruel and Unusual: Bush/Cheney's New World Order and Fooled Again: The Real Case for Electoral Reform.

He is the editor of Forbidden Bookshelf[2], an e-book series that revives important works now out of print, most of which were variously killed at birth.

Election Fraud

His book 'Fooled Again documents the election fraud during the 2000 and 2004 US presidential elections.

“I did all that work, moreover, not as a Democrat: I hadn’t voted Democratic since 1992 (and wouldn’t have done that if I’d known better)—and that disinclination only hardened as the years went on, and it became increasingly apparent that the Democrats had just as little interest in reforming our elections as their nominal opponents, even though the Democrats themselves kept illegitimately “losing,” through that “one-two punch” of vote suppression and computerized election fraud...The Democrats seemed, weirdly, not to care that they were losing, even though they knew they hadn’t really lost.
I finally came to understand that the results of “our” elections really aren’t determined by the dirty operatives of either party, but are ordained at a much higher level, in furtherance of propaganda narratives to come.”

Mark Crispin Miller (October 2022)  [3]

Conspiracy theory

Mark Crispin Miller has offered an alternative interpretation of the phrase "conspiracy theory" as used by the commercially-controlled media. He suggests that:[4]

“One definition of conspiracy theory that I favor is something that, if true, you couldn't handle it.”
Mark Crispin Miller (27 September 2021)  [5]


“Propaganda has to tell you what you want to hear. It cannot go against your desires and your preconceptions. This is crucial. We can't claim to be purely victimized by the propaganda makers, because it takes two to tango. If they tell us things we want to hear, we will agree. Because people naturally don't want to think that their government killed the president in broad daylight, or flew planes into the twin towers. Who wants to think their own government engages in false flag operations, or that their top health officials are completely compromised by Big Pharma? Nobody wants to think that.”
Mark Crispin Miller (14 May 2022)  [6]

Covid-19 Pressure

In 2020, Professor Miller came under siege at his tenure at New York University for urging students in his propaganda course to read scientific literature on the effectiveness of masks against transmission of COVID-19. A student took to Twitter to express her fury that Prof. Miller had brought up the randomized, controlled tests — all of those so far conducted on the subject — finding that masks and ventilators are ineffective at preventing such transmission, because the COVID-19 virions are too small for such expedients to block them.

Professor Miller urged the students to read those studies, as well as others that purport to show the opposite, with due attention to the scientific reviews thereof, and possible financial links between the researchers conducting them, and such interests as Big Pharma and the Gates Foundation.

Soon after a pledge of institutional support, the dean of NYU’s Steinhardt School (in which Miller teaches), together with a doctor who advises them on COVID-19 policy, emailed each of Miller’s students (without putting him on copy), starting with a ritual nod to “academic freedom,” then hinting that the studies noted in that class were dangerous misinformation.

The following week, NYU followed up by urging him to cancel his propaganda course next term, and, instead, teach two sections of his course on cinema. Their rationale was that it would be “better for the department.”[7]

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