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Not to be confused with the equally scientific-sounding "disinformation".

Concept.png "Misinformation" 
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Misinformation is a word used by those in power to malign opinions and people they don't like, and as a scientific-sounding pretext for censorship. When those in power accuse someone of "misinformation", they are in a genial mood, since when they accuse someone of "disinformation" it implies they are enemies, and thus a target for black ops.

Can also be a real thing.


Misinformation is false, inaccurate, or misleading information that is communicated regardless of an intention to deceive. Examples of misinformation are:

  • false rumours
  • insults
  • pranks
  • memes

As a propaganda term it is used to label information or viewpoints that contradict the official narrative on any given topic,[1] somewhat replacing "conspiracy theory".

Is an pretext to remove videos/posts on YouTube (and elsewhere) for challenging the consensus.

Joe Biden has declared war on "misinformation" on Facebook.[2]

Instagram has fact check warnings on posts.

Official narrative

The Guardian on the COVID-19/Vaccine for children. "Misinformation led to her being picked on. A clear government campaign aimed at 12 to 15-year-olds is vital".[3]

Misinformation kills people and is a great threat to humanity according to Joe Biden.[4]

Corporate media

The corporate media insists that misinformation is a danger to children. It is commonly blamed on the alt-right, conspiracy theorists, Russian trolls etc.


The Wikipedia article; COVID-19 misinformation lists many "debunked" conspiracies. Rather from being independent, they admit that they work alongside the WHO for all reliable information. They also accuse certain countries of censoring Wikipedia, ie: countries that have dissented.

List of nations

Wikipedia keeps a list of "COVID-19 misinformation by governments". Most of the entries are from non-western nations.[5]



Wikipedia praising themselves

In the article, there is a section discussing Wikipedia's media coverage of Wikipedia's COVID-19 articles. "The media have praised Wikipedia's coverage of COVID-19 and its combating the inclusion of misinformation through efforts led by the English-language Wikipedia's WikiProject Medicine, among other groups. From May 2020, Wikipedia's consensus for the COVID-19 pandemic page has been to "not mention the theory that the virus was accidentally leaked from a laboratory in the article. WHO began working with Wikipedia to provide much of its infographics and reports on COVID-19 to help fight misinformation, with plans to use similar approaches for fighting misinformation about other infectious diseases in the future."

They link to the Vaccine Confidence Project in the see also section.


Related Quotations

Michael Gunner“The BS that’s flying around on the internet about the territory is coming from flogs outside the territory – mostly America, Canada and the UK,” Mr Gunner told a media conference on Thursday. People who have nothing better to do than make up lies about us because their own lives are so small and so sad. If anybody thinks we’re going to be distracted by tin foil hat-wearing tossers sitting in their parents’ basement in Florida – then you do not know us Territorians”Michael Gunner25 November 2021
Joy Reid“Essentially, she made public her own vaccine deliberation, which according to trusted friends is a better way to describe vaccine hesitancy, which by the way is not the same thing as refusal. By doing, Nicki also used her social media platform and her 22 million Twitter followers to cast doubt on the vaccine to a heavily Black audience”Joy Reid14 September 2021
The Last American Vagabond“They don't call it misinformation unless you are able to scientifically reference it.”The Last American Vagabond2021
Henry Wales“In today’s world, we are so connected like a vast nervous system, whether we are online or not. And much like the virus, there are no borders online. So when vaccine misinformation and disinformation spreads, magnified on social media and in parts of traditional media, it exposes a collective threat to humanity. I believe that misinformation is a global humanitarian crisis, and the crisis is getting worse.”Henry Wales


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Document:Pro-Kremlin trolls infiltrating comments on news sites for major influence operation, research saysArticle6 September 2021Deborah HaynesA study at Cardiff University shows that "Pro-Kremlin trolls" are influencing opinion in the West by infiltrating the comments sections of news websites. Dissent from the Official Narrative? Must be Russian disinformation.
Document:Why some people are spreading false rumours about the Texas gunmanArticle9 May 2023Shayan Sardarizadeh
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The BBC factchecks the recent 2023 Allen, Texas outlet mall shooting regarding the alleged Nazism of the Hispanic shooter
Document:Women's March petitions Jack Dorsey to ban Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from TwitterArticle14 August 2021Libby EmmonsThe leading American feminist organisation is pressuring Twitter to remove Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene from their platform. She stands accused of promoting "conspiracy theories" about COVID over her scepticism of Fauci. She has been censored before. How much longer is there before she is permanently banned?
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