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FounderGregory Lauder-Frost

The Traditional Britain Group is a traditionalist radical conservative political organisation in the United Kingdom who see themselves as upholding the pre-liberal Toryism of the British conservative movement. TBG's President is Lord Sudeley, Vice-President is Gregory Lauder-Frost and it has numerous patrons.[1]

Foundation & progress

With the death of its Patron, General Sir Walter Walker,[2] the Western Goals Institute in London was wound up, and its Vice-President, Gregory Lauder-Frost, also a former officer of the Conservative Monday Club, founded the Traditional Britain Group in 2001 to continue much of the WGI's work in the UK. Following the winding up also of the Conservative Democratic Alliance in 2008, its leader, Michael Keith-Smith, wrote to members to advise their current membership was being transferred to the TBG.[3] During this period a great many of the TBG's membership came from these two groups as well as from the old Conservative Monday Club. Since then the Group has made steady progress and by 2017 forty percent of its growing membership is under-35 years of age.[4]


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