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1832 saw the founding of the now infamous Skull & Bones fraternity, that continues to this day.

Skull and Bones

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1832 was the year in which Skull and Bones secret society was started, which remains one of the most elite college fraternities to this day, with strictly limited membership. Exposed by Antony Sutton, it continues to play an important influence in the development of deep state networks.


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New Groups

Skull and BonesBones logo.jpgSecret societyThe most elite US secret society, largely unknown until its influence was publicised by Antony Sutton, who highlighted in particular its members' apparently insatiable desire for power and their mutual loyalty in spite often of public antagonism.
Carlton ClubGroup.png
University of San SimónMarca Vertical Universidad Mayor de San Simón Cochabamba Bolivia.pngOne of the best universities in Bolivia for its academic prestige at national level.
Jardine MathesonJardine Matheson Holdings logo.pngConglomeration based on "the world's most valuable single commodity trade of the nineteenth century", opium.
Alpha Delta PhiAlpha Delta Phi Crest.pngSecret society
US student society run out of Hamilton College



TitleBornPlace of birthDiedSummaryDescription
Frederick Sleigh Roberts30 September 1832India
14 November 1914SoldierVery highly decorated soldier and advocate of conscription.
Andrew Dickson White7 November 1832New York
4 November 1918Diplomat
US bonesman,university president and diplomat.


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