American Council on Germany/Young Leaders/1997

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Membership• Marla Ahlgrimm
• Kevin Allen
• Béla Nikolai Anda
• Kirsten Belgum
• John B. Bellinger III
• Frank Bendas
• Michael Bennet
• Matthias Berninger
• Rafael Biermann
• Daniel Casey
• Stephan Eisel
• Anthony Fiore
• Kerstin Flemming
• Andrew Frank
• Arnd Henze
• Christiane Hoffmann
• Michael J. Inacker
• Niger Innis
• Irene Kacandes
• Stefan Kayser
• Frank Kelly Jr
• Eckart Peter Hans von Klaeden
• Dietlind Köhnke
• Kirk Kraeutler
• Alexander Graf Lambsdorff
• Peter Lawson
• Margaret Liu
• Richard Lowrie
• Charles Bradford Mathias
• Hartmut Mayer
• Michael McFadden
• Deroy Murdock
• Philip Nichols
• Hans-Hendrik Puvogel
• Cameron Quinn
• Jens Rocksien
• Christian J. Rodatus
• Stefan Alexander Schirm
• Philipp A. Schuller
• Bret Schundler
• Hannah Sevian
• Baba Shetty
• Tuong-Vy Ton
• Austin Triggs
• Jon Vanden Heuvel
• Andrew Weiss
• Christopher Stewart Wendel
• Markus Witt
• Marita Inge Wölwer
• John Yoo

These are the American Council on Germany's Young Leaders for 1997[1]. The following year's cadre's is at American Council on Germany/Young Leaders/1998, the previous year's at American Council on Germany/Young Leaders/1996.


Known members

5 of the 50 of the members already have pages here:

John BellingerA spook/lawyer representing the more patient and more PR-friendly approach to Empire
Michael BennetCandidate in the 2020 US presidential election. Son of Douglas J. Bennet, a Bilderberger and suspected spook.
Christiane HoffmannBerlin correspondent for Der Spiegel who then became government spokesperson.
Eckart von KlaedenTriple Bilderberg German politician
John YooThe US lawyer whose name is now synonymous with the infamous "torture memo" which opened the door to legalising torture and lead to his conviction as a war criminal.
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