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Founder• John J. McCloy
• Eric M. Warburg
• Ellen Z. McCloy
• Lucius D. Clay
SubpageAmerican Council on Germany/Young Leaders
Membership• John B. Emerson
• Robert M. Kimmitt
• Paul Stewart Atkins
• William R. Harman
• Steven E. Sokol
• Dale L. Ponikvar
• Karen Furey
• Paul Stewart Atkins
• Piero Bonadeo
• Anthony Casciano
• Anthony J.R. Cook
• Lauren Day
• Frances Devlin
• John B. Emerson
• Richard W. Fisher
• Alan H. Fleischmann
• Andrew Gundlach
• Tara Hariharan
• William R. Harman
• Michael Heinz
• Christoph Heusgen
• Ferdinand Jahnel
• Monu Joseph
• Andre Kelleners
• Henry A. Kissinger
• Michael Kolz
• Charles Kupchan
• John Lipsky
• Alan S. MacDonald
• Franklin W. Maddux
• Joseph McLaughlin
• Edward S. McFadden
• Cassidy Morgan
• Tammy Snyder Murphy
• Dale L. Ponikva
• Elke Rehbock
• Markus Reinisch
• Christiana Riley
• Steven E. Sokol
• Julie Linn Teigland
• Stanford S. Warshawsky
• Ludwig Willisch
• John J. McCloy II
• William Drodzniak
• Richard Holbrooke
• John Kornblum
• Klaus Kleinfeld
• Josef Joffe
• Christopher Freiherr von Oppenheim
• Sal. Oppenheim
• Kurt F. Viermetz
• Hajo Holborn
• Norbert Mühlen
• John Diebold

The American Council on Germany (ACG) is a transatlantic non-governmental organization (NGO) affiliated with the Council on Foreign Relations. ACG was founded in 1952 at the same time as its German sister organization, the Atlantik-Brücke, as a private non-profit organization to promote German-American understanding after World War II. As with the Atlantik-Brücke, the founding fathers were the chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, John J. McCloy, and Eric M. Warburg, McCloy's friend and adviser, who was an officer in the US Army from 1941 to 1945 and a scion of the German-Jewish Warburg family from Hamburg. Other founding members were McCloy's wife, Ellen Z. McCloy, and McCloy's predecessor as High Commissioner in post-war Germany, General Lucius D. Clay.

Young Leaders

Full article: Stub class article American Council on Germany/Young Leaders

Board members

The Boards Members are as of 2022,[1] plus some former members. The Board Members are mostly from large banks and corporations llike BASF,Pfizer, Deutsche Bank, Bleichroeder,BMW,Citigroup,Facebook ('Meta') Siemens, Volkswagen, Goldman Sachs & Co.; and deep state units such as the Munich Security Conference, Council on Foreign Relations, Council on Foreign Relations

The American Council on Germany includes approximately 800 members from business, politics and media as well as legal and academic fields from both sides of the Atlantic.


Known members

8 of the 50 of the members already have pages here:

John DieboldUS businessman who attended the 1967 Bilderberg
Richard HolbrookeBilderberg/Steering committee, deep state operative
Josef JoffePublisher-editor of Die Zeit
Robert KimmittUS deep state functionary, CFR, Bilderberg etc. Facebook's "Lead Independent Director" since March 2020
Henry KissingerUS deep politician, 40+ Bilderbergs, Nobel peace prize, war criminal
Klaus KleinfeldUS/German businessman. Bilderberg steering committee, CFR, ERTI
John KornblumUS diplomat wo attended at least 4 Brussels Forums
John LipskySingle Bilderberger. Briefly acted as Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund
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