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Group.png American University in Cairo  
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Sponsored byCarnegie Corporation
Prestigious English-language university in Cairo

The American University in Cairo (AUC; {الجامعة الأمريكية بالقاهرة} (Al-Jame'a Al-Amerikeya Bel-Qāhira) is an independent, English language, private, research university in Cairo, Egypt. The university offers American-style learning programs at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels, along with a continuing education program.

The AUC student body represents over 50 countries.[1] AUC's faculty members, adjunct teaching staff and visiting lecturers are internationally diverse and include academics, business professionals, diplomats, journalists, writers and others from the United States, Egypt and other countries.

Selected alumni


Carnegie CorporationEstablished by Andrew Carnegie in 1911, with large grants especially to form the education sector. Lots of grants to "security" think tanks too.


Alumni on Wikispooks

Ahmed Abdel-LatifEgyptDiplomatEgyptian diplomat specializing in doing the international sustainable development/climate change conference circuit
Rania Al-Yassin31 August 1970JordanRoyalty
Deep state operative
Queen of Jordan. She represents the royal family in many international organizations.
Anne Aly29 March 1967Australia
Australian MP and terror expert
John Brennan22 September 1955USSpook
"Terror expert"
DCIA, "terror expert", helped cover-up CIA/Torture
Mohamed ElmaaziJournalist
Thomas Friedman20 July 1953USAuthor
CFR, TLC, two Bilderbergs
Sigrid Kaag2 November 1961NetherlandsDiplomat
Dutch diplomat and politician. Although an outspoken feminist, Kaag vocally opposed a public trial regarding dozen of reports of sexual abuse within her own party. A successful and career-diplomat, named by Geert Wilders as the "namesake of a runway at Schiphol Airport", she has attended two Bilderberg meetings.
Nicholas Kristof27 April 1959JournalistWEF Rhodes Scholar nominated for the 2017 Horace Greeley Award for Best Fake News Journalist
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