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Group.png University of Michigan  
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MottoArtes, Scientia, Veritas
HeadquartersAnn Arbor, Michigan
Type• Flagship
• Public
• research university
Sponsored byOpen Philanthropy
Other nameWolverines

The University of Michigan is a public research university in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Founded in 1817, 20 years before the Michigan Territory became a state, the university is Michigan's oldest. The institution was moved to Ann Arbor in 1837. Since its establishment in Ann Arbor, the university has expanded to include some 500 buildings spread out over the city.

Many people who later worked in intelligence services or deep state connected places have attended the university.

Woke administrative workers

The University of Michigan alone has nearly 100 full-time diversity-related administrative workers, more than a quarter of whom made more than $100,000 in 2018[1]. At nearby Michigan State University, the newly appointed diversity director made a $315,000 salary[2]. Jonathan Kay wrote: "These people aren’t getting hired to tell students to toughen up and hit the books. Just the opposite: Their livelihoods depend on upholding the idea that navigating campus life is a difficult struggle, punctuated frequently by invisible forms of bigotry whose negative effects can be managed only through the intervention of a professionalized corps of trained diversity officers."[3]


In 2021, Bright Sheng, a professor of composition at the University of Michigan, was removed from teaching a seminar analyzing the works of Shakespeare, after he faced backlash for showing students the 1965 film version of Othello where the actor Laurence Olivier’s darkened his skin for the title role. "I was stunned," freshman Oliva Cook said, "In such a school that preaches diversity and making sure that they understand the history of people of color in America, I was shocked that [Sheng] would show something like this in something that’s supposed to be a safe space."[4]

Later on the same day that Sheng showed the film, the professor sent out an apology to his class, saying the casting and portrayal "was racially insensitive and outdated," and another department-wide apology 5 days later. Students, however, were not satisfied, saying he "failed to understand the gravity of his actions."[4]

The dean of the School of Music, Theatre & Dance said Sheng’s removal would "allow for a positive learning environment."[4]


Employee on Wikispooks

Jeff BergnerVisiting Assistant Professor at Department of Political Science


Open PhilanthropyGrant maker funneling deep state money among other things to pandemic planning. Financed Event 201.


Alumni on Wikispooks

Ali BahramiUSLobbyist
Revolving door FAA "safety" administrator
Feyyaz Berker7 October 192522 August 2017TurkeyBusinesspersonspooky Turkish businessman, Turkish Industry and Business Association chair
Ahmad Bishara19 January 194513 January 2016KuwaitKuwait academic and activist who advocated liberal political reforms in the autocratic emirate. Attended the 2003 Bilderberg meeting.
Matthijs van Bonzel1956NetherlandsDiplomatDutch diplomat
Mark Malloch Brown16 September 1953Deep state functionaryGeorge Soros-protegé
Philip Buchen27 February 191621 May 2001LawyerBuchen, a longtime friend and law partner of Gerald Ford, delivered an influential memo written by a Nixon aide that strongly argued for clemency for in Watergate scandal.
Charles Burson1944Lawyer
Ian ButterfieldSpookSpooky MICC consultant, Le Cercle
Ben Carson18 September 1951Politician
Brain surgeon
American neurosurgeon and politician. A member of the Republican Party, he was United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from 2017 to 2021
Süreyya Ciliv1958TurkeyBusinesspersonTurkish businessman, Microsoft
Ian Hay DavisonJune 1931UKAccountant
Single Bilderberg UK banker. Managed the rapid growth of the accounting company Arthur Andersen in the UK.
Thomas Dewey24 March 190216 March 1971USPolitician
Governor of New York, US lawyer, attended the 1957 February Bilderberg
Haluk Dinçer1962TurkeyBusinesspersonTurkish business executive married into the Sabanci family. Turkish Industry and Business Association chair
William F. DonnellySpookCIA officer becoming Inspector General of the Agency.
Elizabeth EconomyUSSpook
US spook, WEF
Murray Finley19221995USLeader of the Labour PartyBilderberg Steering committee member labor leader
Gerald Ford14 July 191326 December 2006USPolitician
Puppet leader
Deep state functionary
US Deep State functionary who was made US President by The Cabal after they removed Richard Nixon with the Watergate Coup
Harold Ford11 May 1970USPolitician
Deep state connected US congressman who joined FOX news in 2021 and discussed mandated COVID jabs
Dick Gephardt31 January 1941USPolitician
US politician-lobbyist
Rick GladstoneJournalistNew York Times journalist.
Dan Glickman24 November 1944USSpook
Deep state operative
CIA advisor and Chair of the Motion Picture Association of America
David GordonUSSpook
G. Edward Griffin7 November 1931USAuthor
Exposed banking cartels and "The Rothschild formula"
Sanjay Gupta23 October 1969USJournalist
CNN 'medical expert' promoting official narrative during COVID-19 deep event. World Economic Forum Young Global Leader 2010. Fawning interview with Bill Gates in 2011; the same year he portrayed himself in the movie Contagion, a dystopian scenario of permanent extreme isolation, face masks and other public health measures.
Philip Hart10 December 191226 December 1976LawyerUS Senator who was strong supporter of civil rights, anti-trust legislation and consumer and environmental protection. Member of Church Committee. Died of cancer soon after.
Tom Hayden11 December 193923 October 2016USActivist
US New Left activist and politician. Aligned with US foreign policy from a "human rights" angle.
Richard HeidemanLawyer
Peter Hoekstra30 October 1953Spook
Deep state operative
Garlin Gilchrist II25 September 1982USPoliticianDeputy of Governor Gretchen Whitmer, WEF/Young Global Leaders 2021
Merit Janow13 May 1958USAcademicCFR, TLC, Bilderberg 2004. In 2009, she became a member of the International Advisory Council of the Chinese sovereign wealth fund.
Colin KahlUSSpookNominated as Biden's Under Secretary of Defense for Policy
Arnold Kanter27 February 194510 April 2010USSpook
Deep state functionary
Spooky US deep state functionary. Special Assistant to President George H. W. Bush, part of Brent Scowcroft’s National Security Council staff.
Nancy Kassebaum29 July 1932USPoliticianMooted by Time Magazine as possible running mate for George H.W. Bush in 1992.
Donald Kohn7 November 1942EconomistUS central banker, then Brookings Institution.
Fred Krupp1954USShillWell-paid President of corporate-friendly Environmental Defense Fund. Attended the 2012 Bilderberg
Philip Lader17 March 1946Diplomat
US Ambassador to the UK 1997-2001
Melvin Lasky20 January 192019 May 2004Poland
JournalistUS journalist, intellectual, with suspected CIA ties
Peter Lee (Bilderberger)30 November 1960USDARPA spook turned head of Bill Gates's Microsoft Research. Attended Bilderberg/2024, which had several topics on AI.
Melvyn Levitsky19 March 1938USDiplomat
James Lucier1934Author
Deep state functionary
Cercle attendee, "inside man in the skunk works," as he calls himself, or Lucifer as others sometimes refer to him.
Richard P. Matsch8 June 193026 May 2019JudgeJudge who presided over the trial of Oklahoma City bombing defendants Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. Army counterintelligence 1953-55.
Peter McCullough29 December 1962USDoctorCritic of COVID jabs who by April 2023 was posting that "mRNA Off to a Bad Start but Future May be Brighter".
Arthur Miller17 October 191510 February 2005USPlaywright
US playwright blacklisted by Hollywood
Frank Murphy13 April 189019 July 1949Politician
Lucien Nedzi28 May 1925LawyerChaired the House Select Committee on Intelligence.
Antonia Novello23 August 1944Health bureaucratUS Surgeon General. During the 1990 Gulf War, Novello expedited the approval of vaccines which turned out to be deadly. Also pushed for sweeping use of deadly drug AZT in children who allegedly had "AIDS".
Bastian Obermayer10 December 1977GermanJournalist
Culbert Olson7 November 187613 April 1962Politician
29th governor of California from 1939 to 1943.
Ronald Olson9 July 1941USLawyer
Deep state operative
Larry Page26 March 1973USProgrammer
Google founder. The sixth-wealthiest person in the world
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