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(businessman, fraudster, deep state operative?)
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Born16 October 1966
Parents • Joy Kovar
• Glenn Kovar
Deep state connected businessman owner of the jet was caught with 5.5 tonnes of cocaine on board, before disappearing soon after.

Brent C. Kovar is a posible US deep state operative. Daniel Hopsicker wrote that he was the owner of "Skyway Communications Holding Corp" which owned 'Cocaine 1', the jet that was caught in Mexico with 5.5 tonnes of cocaine on board.[1]


Brent Kovar's was born to Jay Kovar, a school teacher and Glenn Kovar, who worked for the U.S. Forestry Service. They divorced when he was 8. He was "a computer whiz in Pasadena, California, during the 1970s before most people ever owned one."[2]


Kovar reportedly authored a patented compression algorithm, but his businesses have been characterised by grandiose claims and baffling technology which no one (especially not experts) seemed to quite understand, and which never delivered. Key positions have been held by his relatives, such as mother, father and cousin, and lawsuits have tended to follow.

Satellite Access Systems

In 1996, Kovar set up a satellite business, which lost up to $4 million. The Tampa Bay Times reported in 2007 that "in pitching his dream, Brent Kovar used words like "algorithmic virtual tables" and "binary pattern transmission" and a "dimensional rotating array matrix."[2]

Skyway Communications

After 9/11, Kovar claimed that his data compression patent would help provide wireless communication and aid in "anti-terrorism" efforts.[3]

Brent Kovar was president of SkyWay Communications Holding Corporation (OTCBB:SWYC), which lost some $40 million between 2002 and its eventual bankruptcy filing in 2005, but nevertheless managed to directly or indirectly acquire two DC-9 aircraft, one of was involved in the 2006 Mexico DC-9 drug bust carrying 5.5 tonnes of cocaine.[4]

Skyway Global

In 2009, the SEC accused the principals of Skyway Global of timing stock sales from at least 2002 until 2005 to news releases that claimed President George W. Bush and others had endorsed company technology that would protect airplanes from "terrorism". Brent Kovar was fined $3.7 million and Glenn Kovar (Brent's father) $11.3 million.[5]

SEC filing

An SEC filing alleged that from at least February 2002 until December 2005, Sky Way executives and officers Brent Kovar, Kent]] and Glenn Kovar raised about $1.38 million from 18 investors by offering and selling unregistered shares of the company’s stock. It also said that “In connection with the offer and sale of Sky Way Global's securities, the company, Brent Kovar, Kent, and Glenn Kovar made numerous material misrepresentations and omissions to investors through marketing and offering materials, including, among other things, that Global possessed a nationwide network of broadcasting towers and anti-terrorism technology that would allow the government to monitor and, if necessary, take control of an airplane.”[3]

Deep state connections

Noting that Majority Leader Tom Delay appointed Brent Kovar, to serve as the Honorary Chairman of the Business Advisory Council[6], NarcoNews comments that "Brent Kovar appears to have a special relationship with the movers and shakers of the U.S. political system."[4]

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