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A magazine focused on US covert operations, relaunched in 2018.

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Founder(s)Philip Agee,  [[..|“..”.]]
InterestsCIA, Covert operations

CovertAction Quarterly is a publication focused on the CIA like its 'precursor' magazine CounterSpy.

Legal change

Its 'Naming names' column inspired the 1982 Intelligence Identities Protection Act which made it a crime to name US spooks.


In 1998, the magazine won an award from Project Censored for a story by Lawrence Soley in the Spring 1997 issue titled "Phi Beta Capitalism", about corporate influence on universities.[1] Another article highlighted by Project Censored was Michel Chossudovsky's 2000 claim that the World Trade Organization was an "illegal institution".[2]


MuckRock asked about the magazine in 2016.[3]


Several articles from CovertAction Quarterly were collected in two anthologies, Covert Action: The Roots of Terrorism (ISBN 978-1876175849) and Bioterror: Manufacturing Wars The American Way (ISBN 978-1876175641), both published in 2003.


The project has been relaunched in 2018 as CovertAction Magazine (CAM).[4] Old issues have been made available as well.


Documents sourced from CovertAction Quarterly

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:George Bush and the CIA In the Company of FriendsarticleGeorge H. W. Bush
Zapata Petroleum
United States/Deep state
1992Anthony KimeryAn article highlighting Bushes agency work and related business activity.
Document:The Long Secret AlliancearticleKhmer Rouge
Pol Pot
September 1997John PilgerThe suppressed history of US sponsorship of the genocidal Pol Pot Khymer Rouge regime in Cambodia through the 1970-80's