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Both insiders and commentators have claimed that the DEA is completely infiltrated

The DEA official narrative appears to be utterly undermined by deep state interests. This is probably unknown to the large majority of DEA employees.


Bo Abbott testified in the early 1990s that he was employed by the CIA to make sure that their high level traffickers were never hampered by DEA actions.[1]

Outside commentators

Sibel Edmonds notes a recurrent pattern which applies to those drug sting operations by the DEA and/or FBI which threaten to capture high level drug traffickers. Apparently, the US State Department regularly gets such operations called off at the last minute by stating that the traffickers have diplomatic immunity and that they must not be arrested, for fear of causing a diplomatic incident. As she notes, this is suggestive not only of deep state involvement in the global drug trade, but also of mass surveillance used in real time to monitor the actions of selected individuals.[2]

Douglas Valentine wrote in 2008 that "In Afghanistan and South West Asia, the DEA is entirely infiltrated and controlled by the CIA and military. DEA headquarters is basically an adjunct of the Oval Office. And the Establishment continues to keep the lid on the story. A".[3]

Bill Conroy reported for NarcoNews on "[At least $20] Millions Missing From DEA Money-Laundering Operation But No One With the Power to Investigate Seems to Care."[4]


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