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Disclaimer (#3)Document.png report  by Euan Grant dated 15 07 2018
Subjects: cluster, Scotland, Moldova, Spain, Portugal, Africa, Russia
Example of: Integrity Initiative/Leak/6
Source: 'Anonymous' (Grant Integrity Initiative WR WE 150718 Link)

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Integrity Initiative Weekly Report 9th to 15th July 2018

Reports and related Outputs

Submitted to UK Cluster for Moldova / Romania assessment of risk indicators and cooperation opportunities in UK, Ukraine and pan European esp. Spanish, Portuguese and Italian clusters regarding Moldova’s role in organised crime and links with Russian Deep state actors. Felt especially useful for commenting on pan European inputs by VUB to EC, NATO, Europol, and encouraging greater media and governmental appreciation in the Mediterranean countries where strategic risk awareness is low in both government and public. Ended to support production of wider and more formal reports but also short notice feeders to media groups.

Memorandum of cooperation sent to Martha Bayles in Boston USA for her comments before II discussion. This is about opportunities jointly and separately in North America, UK and elsewhere in Europe for input into media documentaries and fictional entertainment. Follows detailed skype call 3rd July. Reply still awaited. .

Contacts and related outputs

Contacted 12th July by Zak Uzun of : . On 13th, by chance met Col. (retd) Philip Schofield, who knows Chris Donnelly well, and has worked as a post conflict military adviser in ex-Yugoslav States and in Ukraine and Moldova. He has II contact details, as does his barrister friend who is seeking assistance re a series of books he is writing in relation to Russian espionage linked matters. Contact awaited from the writer, but Basic seems to be a single-issue group dealing with nuclear proliferation. NOT appropriate to II work.

Roderick Parkes of the EEAS linked Paris based think tank ISS has alerted that he will be putting suggestions to the editorial board for possible II articles; Response highly possible

Correspondence has been exchanged with Nigel Gould–Davies following his week commencing 2nd July presentation, reassuring him that Spain is one of the key Russian linked organised crime, corruption and military relevant countries and that material will be fed into the Cluster. Continuing actively

Meetings and related Outputs

Attended the Neal Stewart event at 2TP. Adviser to SNP Westminster front bench. Supported Chris Hernon on the importance of following David Leask of The Herald re collusion with Russian dirty money. It is clear from NS’ warnings that there is still widespread lack of interest in Russian influence among significant political groups in Scotland, with considerable sympathy for Russia. Highlighted to NS academic sympathies were also strong and the significant Russian speaking presence in private schools and in the Universities could fuel such attitudes.

Week and month ahead

The report on Moldova (also Romania and Odessa region of Ukraine) will be the template for early reports on Armenia where new Europol information may be useful in raising awareness, and Canada in relation to Russian activity in Africa which has impacted on major Canadian mining companies. An early report is needed on Russian private military companies there and – not unrelated – updating media contacts on these issues.

A list of contacts who expressed interest in collaboration on podcasts, articles etc. will be made arising from attendance at the CVHF – Chalke Valley History Festival 29th June to 1st July. Prof. Jeremy Black, who has already been in contact, Rowland White re Russia in Africa, and Nicholas Jellicoe ( Earl Jellicoe) who might be interested in cooperation on Black and Baltic Sea issues. The project was briefly described at CVHF to Michael Gove. Early follow up with contacts to be made - RW and NJ.

Keep pressure on Martha Bayles. And draft the PowerPoint and speaking notes and Commentary for early August delivery to the Cambridge Economic Crime Symposium ahead of 7th September presentation there on Russian speaking criminality on the external borders of the EU.

Interaction with other outputs and areas of coverage

It is felt that the areas of activity described above will especially impact on the clusters of the eastern and southern borders of the EU, but also to Chris Donnelly and Stephen Dalziel’s work on military issues and academic and school awareness, and also for Victor Madeira’s work re Portugal and Canada. And Keith Sargent’s re corruption.

Euan Grant

0794 989 4643 ( WhatsApp, Viber)

Skype: euan.g.grant

16th July 2018