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(propagandist, spook)
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Member ofInstitute for Statecraft, Institute for Statecraft/Tor team, Integrity Initiative
Spooky journalist/propagandist who worked for the Integrity Initiative.

Euan Grant worked for the Integrity Initiative.


"Served under Andrew Parker 1999 – 2002. Subsequently worked in EU Border management, border control and Customs projects 2005 to 2014 in Ukraine (based for EUBAM in Border guard HQ), Moldova, all Baltic States, Finland, Poland and Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan."[1]

The leaked Integrity Initiative handbook suggested the following roles for Euan grant:


In a draft introductory letter to "Banks", in which Euan Grant outlines interest in the Russian Deep state, he wrote that “I have the responsibility for increasing awareness of Russian, Russian speaking and Russian proxies organised crime links ith [sic.] these countries [sic.] “Deep States” nexus of political, senior bureaucracy, military and military industrial complex, big business and, of course, security and intelligence services. We prefer the term “ strategic organised crime” and believe it is not capable of being adequately deterred by conventional criminal justice procedures.” [3]


A Quote by Euan Grant

Russia“As commentators such as Mark Galotti and Edward Lucas have long pointed out, the Putin state has long co-opted Russian criminality to act as an information source, purveyor of corruption and in supporting Russia/Foreign policy aims including murders outside Russia. However, due to difficulties to say the least in obtaining convictions or even meeting criminal standards of evidence against persons outside the jurisdiction, much information which would demonstrate these links are often limited in numbers and quality. This is especially so due to the lack of understanding of the semi militarised ethos of Russian society.”