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Group.png Europol   WebsiteRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
PredecessorEuropol Drugs Unit
Parent organizationEuropean Union
HeadquartersThe Hague, Netherlands
LeaderEuropol/Executive Director
SubgroupsEuropean Counter Terrorism Centre
InterestsCrime, illegal drug trade, human trafficking, “terrorism”, “cyberterrorism”, ritual abuse
SubpageEuropol/Executive Director
Formerly knows as the European Police Office and Europol Drugs Unit. A European watered-down version of the FBI. It has no executive powers, and can't arrest anyone without the approval of governments.

According to Europol, less than 1% of "terrorist" incidents in Europe are by Islamic terrorists. Sociology professor David Miller has suggested that arms of the UK government such as MI5 are deliberately encouraging hatred of Muslims through such documents and through information provided to the commercially-controlled media.[1]


"Europol sets up and coordinates cross-border operations against the most dangerous criminal groups in the EU."[2]


Europol named Dutch city Rotterdam along with Belgian city Antwerp as the key harbours for cocaine trafficking in 2020.[3]

"Hate speech"

In 2020 Europol coordinated raids in several countries focused on people who made posts on the internet that they claimed promoted racism and xenophobia.[4]

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