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Group.png International Tribunal of Natural Justice
(Court, Citizen tribunal, LarpWebsite YouTubeRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
International Tribunal of Natural Justice in session.jpg
The court in session
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Formation14 February 2015
Founder• Sacha Stone
• Caleb Skinner
• John Walsh
• Rebecca Cope
HeadquartersLondon, UK
InterestsVIPaedophile, child abuse, Human Trafficking, natural law
Membership• John Walsh
• Robert David Steele
• Riah Abu El-Assal
• Dounne Alexander
• Carine Hutsebaut
• Vanita Patel
• Justin Walker
• Rune Fardal
• Stephen E. Arnold
• Bill Binney
• Arno Reuser
• 'Jimmy Boots' Rothstein
• Anthony Kimery
• Laurence Brahm
• Noam Chomsky
• Steven Greer
• Paul Hellyer
• Mobina S.B. Jaffer
• Ray Lewis
• Susan Lindauer
• Sandra M. Lovelace Nicholas
• Paul Craig Roberts
• Michael Tellinger
A self-appointed people's court to investigate VIPaedophile claims. It videos its hearings and posts them on YouTube.
The ITNJ seal

The International Tribunal of Natural Justice (ITNJ) is a London-based group founded in 2015 via the New Earth Project. It crowdfunded around $38,000 for VIPaedophile investigations. It may have been an establishment response to Operation: Death Eaters.[1]

Own words

"We live in a world where government and finance has taken over every part of our lives – elected representatives are working for corporations funding their campaigns, police use violence towards the public in the interest of “public safety,” and what we are told is the justice system has become so corrupt that it refuses to follow its own rules…

So, the time has come to ask ourselves one critical question:
“If I ignore the warning signs and don’t do what I can to fix these problems now… what kind of world am I leaving to our children and grandchildren?”"[2]

The website did not appear, as of December 2019 to state who set up the group, but stated that "the ITNJ belongs to the People and is not controlled by any nation, state, corporation, or ‘special interests’."[3]


Sacha Stone,[4] Caleb Skinner, John Walsh and Rebecca Cope are tentatively listed as founders above on the strength of a now deleted blog post by El Coyote[5] on the Hoaxtead Research website.[6]


Screenshot of a video of Robert David Steele as Chief Counsel

The website included the following as "commissioners", as of December 2019:[7]

Advocates listed were: Laurence Brahm, Noam Chomsky, Steven Greer, Paul Hellyer, Mobina S. B. Jaffer, Ray Lewis, Susan Lindauer, Sandra M. Lovelace Nicholas, Paul Craig Roberts and Michael Tellinger.[8]


International Tribunal of Natural Justice - Humanitad symbolism-3.jpg

The ITNJ reports that its first "official hearing" took place on December 1, 2015 and states that "In homage to its overriding commitment to Truth and transparency, the ITNJ is committed to video-recording all proceedings and live-streaming hearings and trials whenever possible, with all video recordings archived for public access."[9]


The group reports that it raised around $38,800 in 2015 using crowdsourcing, and has a list of "founding donors" on its website. This fell short of the hoped for $120,000.


'Ella Ster' wrote: "The pine cone symbolises that the Catholic Church hijacked humanity’s enlightenment and replaced it with a religious surrogate. In order to better understand the symbolism of the pine cone I went looking for a photo of the square with this pine cone statue. When I saw the picture I immediately understood the two facing peacocks, as we also see them on the ITNJ’s website. It is all hidden in plain sight. The peacocks on the square are the guardians of the Vatican’s secrets. Why would the ITNJ use symbolism that refers to exactly this location and this criminal institute, unless they represent their interests?"

In December 2019, 'Ella Ster' stated that the "symbolism of the ITNJ is full of references to Jesuits, the Vatican, black nobility and Freemasons."[10]


In December 2019, The group's website stated that the "“City of London” is a one-mile square territory which is a sovereign city-state, completely separate from London".


Employee on Wikispooks

Anthony KimeryChief Investigator Judicial Commission of Inquiry Into Human Trafficking and Child Sex AbuseJune 2018


Known members

7 of the 23 of the members already have pages here:

William BinneyFormer senior technical director of the NSA, in charge of thousands of employees, William Binney resigned after 9-11 to blow the whistle on fraud and corruption.
Noam ChomskyPublicly acclaimed critic of US foreign policy with an encyclopedic knowledge of history, Chomsky has become a gatekeeper by his refusal to contemplate false flag attacks. By 2021 turned proponent of starving dissidents to death in concentration camps.
Paul HellyerHellyer is the longest serving current member of the Privy Council of Canada. A Minister of National Defence in the cabinet of Lester B. Pearson in the 1960s, he later promoted the merger of smaller and various left-wing activists to save Canada from the effects of globalization, as well as possible annexation by the United States. In early September 2005, Hellyer made headlines by publicly announcing that he believed in the existence of UFOs.
Anthony KimeryFormer Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of Homeland Security Today'
Susan LindauerA back channel to Saddam Hussein who had more integrity than her CIA handlers bargained for. Charged under the Patriot Act.
Paul Craig RobertsA former US establishment insider who became an independent journalist
Robert SteeleAmerican spook who became a "conspiracy theorist" and died of COVID.
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