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(deep state functionary)
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Born4 January 1960
Gloucestershire, UK
Alma materAustralian National University
ParentsCharles Halton
Member ofAustralia/National COVID-19 Coordination Commission, Australian Strategic Policy Institute, Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations/Board, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation
Interests • Covid
• civilian/military taskforces
• event 201
• mandatory vaccines
Former leader of the murderous People Smuggling Taskforce, event 201 participant

Employment.png Australian People Smuggling Taskforce/Head

In office
- 2001
Head of the People Smuggling Taskforce

Employment.png Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations/Chair

Dates unknown
Chair of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations

Sarah Jane Halton was a participant in Event 201[1] who in March 2020 was appointed to the executive board of the Australian National COVID-19 Coordination Commission.[2] She also headed Australian PM John Howard's People Smuggling Taskforce involved in the Children Overboard affair and other deadly incidents.[3]

Vaccine or Starve

In May 2020, Halton, as National COVID-19 Coordination Commissioner, pushed for a ‘no jab, no play’ policy to be adapted to adults, where people who refuse the Covid-19/Vaccine will be denied access to all public social programs[4]


Halton was born in the UK. She has worked at the Australian Bureau of Statistics.[When?]

People Smuggling Taskforce

In late August 2001, the Tampa affair took place, where the Norwegian ship M/S Tampa was denied entry to Australian ports after having picked up refugees from a sinking boat. This incident led the government to adopt stricter border protection measures to prevent unauthorised arrivals from reaching Australia by boat. Polls indicated the measures had large public support. The government was able to portray itself as "strong" on border protection measures and its opponents as "weak". In November 2001, the Liberal-National coalition was re-elected with an increased majority.

As then Deputy Secretary in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Jane Halton was head of the People Smuggling Taskforce, a handpicked committee of top public servants and defence personnel.[5]

The task force had as mission to intercept and deny entry to refugee boats off the Australian north-west coast. The campaign happened during an unprecedented heavy censorship of information regarding the navy’s activities.

SIEV 4 "children overboard" propaganda

In early October 2001, government ministers, on the advice of the People Smuggling Taskforce circulated false claims that refugees on a boat (SIEV 4) bound for Australia had thrown young children overboard, endangering their lives, in order to force navy ships patrolling the area to rescue them and take them to Australian territory.

SIEV 4 had been intercepted by HMAS Adelaide on the evening of October 6 just inside Australia’s contiguous zone. When the vessel failed to respond to demands to turn back to Indonesia, the Adelaide fired several rounds of cannon and machine-gun fire at it, some at extremely close range. At least one parent held a child up high—apparently fearful (with good reason) that the boat was about to be attacked—to indicate that children were on board. This took place in the early hours of October 7. Not long after, heavily armed military personnel boarded SIEV 4.

Under control of the Adelaide’s crew, SIEV 4 was steered back into international waters and warned not to re-enter Australia’s contiguous zone. After the boarding party left, the boat’s engine was apparently disabled by passengers in a final, desperate attempt to pressure the Adelaide into picking them up. In line with its obligations under the International Law of the Sea, the Adelaide responded to SIEV 4’s distress signal and took the boat in tow. When SIEV 4 sank the next day, October 8, the Adelaide’s crew jumped into the water and rescued all the passengers.

Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock announced that passengers of SIEV 4 had threatened to throw children overboard. This claim was later repeated by other senior government ministers including Defence Minister Peter Reith and Prime Minister John Howard.

SIEV X sinking

On 19 October 2001, another overcrowded, unseaworthy fishing boat, later known as SIEV X and carrying more than 400 asylum seekers, overturned and sank in the Indian Ocean between Indonesia and Australia’s Christmas Island. Intelligence about the boat’s movements had been forwarded to Australian authorities, but there seems to have been an Australian government attempt to enforce a harder line since the incident 10 days earlier.

The tragedy — the worst maritime disaster in Australian history — took the lives of 353 refugees, mainly women and children from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Palestine and Algeria.[6]

Powerful circumstantial evidence strongly suggests that the drownings were the direct result of deliberate political decisions taken by Prime Minister John Howard's government and the People Smuggling Taskforce to knowingly allow the asylum seekers to drown by refusing to mount a rescue.


The most significant critique was lodged by a former senior diplomat, Tony Kevin, who suggested “a possible causative link” between the events involving SIEV 4 on October 6-8 and the subsequent sinking 11 days later of SIEV X and the loss of 353 lives.


No inquiry into the events surrounding the SIEV X sinking has been conducted, and no one has been held politically accountable, let alone charged with responsibility, for the multiple deaths.[7] The details of the what happened those days are still highly classified.


As if as a reward for her role as head of the People Smuggling Taskforce, Prime Minister John Howard appointed Jane Halton as Secretary of the new Department of Health and Ageing in January 2002. The Department was reformed as the Department of Health in September 2013, when the former Health Minister Tony Abbott, known as friendly to the intelligence services, became Prime Minister.

The new Health Minister in 2013, Peter Dutton, later became Minister for Home Affairs, responsible for intelligence matters, and is known as friendly to them.

During this time, Halton was responsible for providing advice to government on issues including the administration of Medicare, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and private health insurance, and for implementing a $60 billion budget.

When Halton moved in 2014, she had been one of the longest serving secretaries (head of department) in the one department (salary $500.000).[8]

In June 2014, Halton was appointed Secretary of the Department of Finance.She emphasised the scope of work harnessing technology to deliver public services more efficiently across government agencies into different platforms.

Halton resigned on 15 October 2016. After stepping down as Secretary, Halton was appointed to the board of the ANZ Bank and Vault Systems, "Australia's Secure, Sovereign, Hyperscale Cloud". [9]

Halton is chair of the global Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and in March 2020 was appointed to the executive board of the Australian National COVID-19 Coordination Commission.

Halton is a council member of ASPI and on the board of Naval Group Australia.[10] She is chair of the board of Vault Cloud.[11]


The state of Victoria’s Chief Health Officer, professor Brett Sutton, is the brother of Trevor Sutton, who is Jane Halton's husband. Victoria was the state that imposed a draconian, at that time unprecedented, second lockdown and mandatory face masks in August 2020.[12]

He husband Trevor Sutton is a high-ranking member of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the same government body that calculates among other things birth statistics and excess death.[13]


Events Participated in

Event 20118 October 201918 October 2019New York
A Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security/World Economic Forum/Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored large scale simulation of a global coronavirus pandemic predicting an apocalyptic outcome. Held October 2019.
Munich Security Conference/202416 February 202418 February 2024Germany
Annual conference of mid-level functionaries from the military-industrial complex - politicians, propagandists and lobbyists - in their own bubble, far from the concerns of their subjects
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