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(lawyer, spook, deep politician)
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DiedDecember 2000
Founder ofLe Cercle
Member ofLe Cercle, Opus Dei, The 61, Vaduz Institute
French deep politician who founded Le Cercle

Jean-Eugène Violet was a lawyer and spook described by David Teacher as the right-hand man of Antoine Pinay. Jean Vigneau was one of Violet's close associates.[1]


In the 1930s, Violet became involved with the Comite Secret pour l’Action Revolutionaire, better known as La Cagoule, (a "far-right political cult modeled on a Freemasonic movement, complete with Masonic-style rites and rituals... a predecessor of Licio Gelli's P-2" led by Eugene Deloncle and Jean Filliol).[2]

After WW2

Violet worked for the SDECE, and was an influential behind-the-scenes actor in the post World War II Europe, and worked with Opus Dei. Jean Violet started Le Cercle in the 1950s around its titular leader, Antoine Pinay.

He was involved in the Great Oil Sniffer Hoax.



Violet was reputed to have been involved in the 1970 smear of President Pompidou's wife (the Markovic affair).

Violet, together with Otto von Habsburg, founded the Académie Européenne des Sciences Politiques, a Brussels-based ultra-conservative Paneuropa think tank.[2]


Jean Violet may have died in a car accident.[3]


Events Participated in

Le Cercle/195818 August 195818 August 1958EuropeExact dates uncertain
Le Cercle/1970 (Washington)2 December 19702 December 1970US
Washington DC
Rockefeller family mansion
Exact dates uncertain
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