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Jennifer Arcuri is a former model who is now an entrepreneur in the tech world. She is originally from the United States, moved to London in 2011 and moved back to the US.

Jennifer Arcuri began her career as Radio Disney DJ "Razzle Dazz" at the Walt Disney Company, according to her profile on IMDb. She then delved into cinema and produced and directed short film "La Valise" in 2008, which was part of the Short Film Showcase at the Cannes Film Festival.

After moving to the UK in 2011, she launched a career in tech and founded Playbox Ltd, a social network for the video tech industry. She also founded the Innotech Network in east London.

According to her Twitter profile, she is also the founder of Hacker House as well as an entrepreneur, cyber security expert, and producer.[1]

Close friends with Boris Johnson

It has been reported she and the prime minister are close friends. Boris Johnson is believed to have delivered a keynote speech at Innotech's first summit in 2012, when Arcuri was 27, and he appeared at other events since then.

It's alleged that Johnson regularly visited Ms Arcuri at her flat in Shoreditch, east London, when he was Mayor of London between 2008 and 2016.

The owner of the building told The Sunday Times she referred to him as "one of her best friends".

Her home reportedly featured a dancing pole in the living room.

It also emerged that Jennifer Arcuri campaigned for Johnson to be mayor for a second term and posted photos of him on social media.[2]

Mayoral Inquiry

On 3 October 2019, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan launched an investigation into claims of conflict of interest against Johnson to be conducted by the chief counsel to the London Fire Brigade, Kathryn Robinson. Speaking on LBC radio, Sadiq Khan said the inquiry will focus on claims that Johnson had failed to declare an interest when his promotional agency, London & Partners, awarded Jennifer Arcuri’s firm £11,500 in sponsorship. It gave her a place on international trade missions despite failing to meet the eligibility criteria. Khan said the investigation was “absolutely not” concerned with how Johnson conducted his personal life:

“I can’t be the judge and jury. I saw a Sunday newspaper containing allegations against Boris Johnson. They are serious allegations. It would be improper for me as a Labour mayor, taking over from Boris Johnson, to investigate these allegations.
“What I did was I asked to my chief of staff to ask a separate official, from the London Fire Brigade, to look into this.”

Khan rejected Johnson’s suggestion that the inquiry was “politically motivated”, insisting he would have launched a similar investigation if the same kind of allegations had been made against the former Labour mayor Ken Livingstone:

“I’m quite clear and comfortable that we’ve been impartial and straight in relation to this.”[3]

What's the point?

Jennifer Arcuri is "not saying anything"

On 18 November 2019, TV presenter Lorraine Kelly criticised Jennifer Arcuri for "not saying anything" as the US businesswoman was questioned about her relationship with Boris Johnson during an interview on ITV's Good Morning Britain. Aside from suggesting she was 'heartbroken' when he ignored her calls, Arcuri refused to give details about their relationship, prompting Kelly to say:

"What's the point of that, coming on and not answering any questions?"[4]


In an interview with the US editor of the Daily Mirror[5] Jennifer Arcuri said:

"Men just trip over themselves in front of me. They fall in love with me in about 10 minutes … because I know what to say. I make men trip over their dicks. That’s what happens. They go insane around me. They’ve been doing it for years. It’s just what happens.”
“I had the best fucking flat in east London. The reason why Boris would stop over was because of the clusterfuck of emails. And he was like, ‘Jen, what the fuck’s a Google hangout? Where are you at three o’clock, I can, you know, stop over.’”[6]


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