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(revisionist, author, historian, doctor)
InterestsWorld War I

Jim Macgregor is a Scottish former GP. He was raised in a cottage in the grounds of Erskine Hospital for the War Disabled, and as a result developed a life-long interest in the origins of war. With Gerry Docherty, he is co-author of Hidden History a meticulously researched and documented rebuttal of the official narrative of the origins of World War I.

On his involvement with the production of Hidden History he says:

"Our two sons graduated from Glasgow University on the same day and it just so happened we both went to the same pub for a drink. They brought the parents together and I discovered at that point that Gerry had written Lie of the Land. We got chatting and I told him I'd written an anti-war novel (The Iboga Visions) and had been mulling over a book about the First World War. It was a huge project and going to be too much for me so I invited Gerry to co-author, and he agreed - and we've been knocking ten bells out of each other since."....

"This war was abhorrent to humanity and the whole decency of mankind. There was no glory about it. This was a disgusting slaughter these men had been put through. That was very much the sentiment of the men in Erskine. The odd one or two used to strut about with the medals on but the majority looked and laughed at that." [1]


Documents by Jim Macgregor

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:Commission for the Relief of Belgium 1article5 August 2015Commission for Relief in Belgium
The organisation, promotion and diversion of Belgian 'relief funding' for the hidden but nonetheless express purpose of prolonging the war
Document:Commission for the Relief of Belgium 2article12 August 2015Herbert Hoover
Commission for Relief in Belgium
The organisation, promotion and diversion of Belgian 'relief funding' for the hidden but nonetheless express purpose of prolonging WW1.
Document:Hidden History - Concluding chapterbook extract4 July 2013The Great Game
The concluding chapter of a seminal work of historical revision on the origins of World War I and 100 years of establishment lies to hide where responsibility really lies


Quotes by Jim Macgregor

South Africa/Deep stateAlfred Milner organized and developed a talented coterie of Oxford graduates inside his South African administration, men who by 1914 held critical positions of power in the City, the Conservative Party, the Civil Service, major newspapers and academia. Carroll Quigley specifically dedicated a chapter of his seminal Anglo-American Establishment to this "Milner's Kindergarten", the men who rose to high office in government, industry and politics. He appointed, trained and developed his chosen men to drive forward the Secret Elite agenda with conviction.”2017Prolonging The Agony
UK/Deep state“Five principal players, Cecil Rhodes, William Stead, Lord Reginald Esher, Lord Nathaniel Rothschild and Alfred Milner were the founding fathers, but the secret society developed rapidly in numbers, power and presence in the years before 1914. Influential old aristocratic families that had long dominated Westminster were more deeply involved, as was King Edward VII, who operated within the inner core of the Secret Elite. Cecil Rhodes, a mining magnate who made millions in South Africa, had long talked about setting up a Jesuit-like secret society, pledged to take any action necessary to protect and promote the power of the British Empire. He sought to "bring the whole uncivilized world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, for the making of the Anglo-Saxon race but one empire." * In essence the plan was as simple as that.”Prolonging The Agony
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