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HeadquartersSouth Africa
Exposed byMark Minnie
The South African deep state hosted many meetings of Le Cercle.

The South African deep state is summarised here mainly because hosted many meetings of Le Cercle. A document published in 2014 suggested that they may have instigated the Olof Palme Assassination.[1]


As a British colony, South Africa was important because of its strategic position in connection to the sea lane to East Asia, and because gold and diamonds were discovered in large quantities.

Alfred Milner organized and developed a talented coterie of Oxford graduates inside his South African administration, men who by 1914 held critical positions of power in the City, the Conservative Party, the Civil Service, major newspapers and academia. Carroll Quigley specifically dedicated a chapter of his seminal Anglo-American Establishment to this "Milner's Kindergarten", the men who rose to high office in government, industry and politics. He appointed, trained and developed his chosen men to drive forward the Secret Elite agenda with conviction.”
Jim Macgregor,  Gerry Docherty (2017)  [2]


Although it was given nominal independence[When?][How?], the nation remained under the control of the European educated and descended group which had ruled it as a colony. Patrick Duncan, for example, a member of the Milner Group, was made Governor-General of South Africa. The group retained close ties to London.

Apartheid government

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The colonial mindset was legally entrenched by an openly racist legal system named Apartheid, with only token efforts towards equality. This disenfranchised the majority South African population and attracted worldwide criticism, leading to diplomatic isolation. The South African deep state was active in maintaining this system, and engaged in brutal repression of critics and activists promoting a more genuinely representative democracy.

Le Cercle

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The diplomatic isolation of the apartheid government meant that global diplomatic contacts were highly valuable. The mindset of most members of Le Cercle meant that the apartheid government was no a barrier to collaboration. This lead to South Africa contributing money to the Cercle and hosting several of its meetings. This connection may have been important in the assassination of Olof Palme.

Attendees included billionaire businessman Anton Rupert.

End of apartheid

After years of economic and cultural sanctions, the apartheid government handed over official political power, after agreeing a Truth and Reconciliation Commission which guaranteed immunity to those fully admitted past crimes.

Nuclear weapons

South Africa was in possession of 10 nuclear weapons, but the apartheid government reportedly disposed of them. Their fate however remains disputed. (See David Kelly)[citation needed]

South African Reserve Bank

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A dead body is discovered in Harare, along with 67 tonnes of banknotes, aboard Western Global Airlines N545JN, which SARB later termed a "Diplomatic Shipment".

Unlike most central banks, the South African Reserve Bank is privately owned. Although it has its own facility for printing bank notes, it stated publicy after the exposure of Western Global Airlines N545JN that it also uses money printed abroad "as part of [its] contingency plans".[3]


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Mark Minnie was a detective-turned-author who became interested in paedophilia networks at the top of the South African government. He collaborated with Chris Steyn to write The Lost Boys of Bird Island, published on 5 August 2018. This gave details of child rape and murder by key figures in the last apartheid government. Minnie was shot dead on 14 August. The South African police reported that it was a suicide, a claim that was widely disbelieved.[4]


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