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(deep politician, diplomat)
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BornAlfred Milner
23 March 1854
Gießen, Grand Duchy of Hesse
Died1925-05-13 (Age 71)
Great Wigsell, East Sussex, United Kingdom
Alma materUniversity of Tübingen, King's College London, Oxford University/Balliol College
SpouseViolet Milner
Founder ofMilner Group, Milner's Kindergarten, Secret Elite
Member ofCoefficients (dining club), Milner Group, Milner Group/Society of the Elect, Milner's Kindergarten
A deep politician of singular importance in the UK Deep state of the late 19th and early 20th century.

Employment.png Governor of the Cape Colony

In office
5 May 1897 - 6 March 1901

Employment.png Secretary of State for War Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
18 April 1918 - 10 January 1919
Preceded byEdward Stanley
Succeeded byWinston Churchill

Employment.png Secretary of State for the Colonies Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
10 January 1919 - 13 February 1921
Succeeded byWinston Churchill

Employment.png The British War Cabinet

In office
December 1916 - April 1918

Alfred Milner, 1st Viscount Milner, KG, GCB, GCMG, PC was a UK deep politician at the heart of the Milner Group, the UK Deep state around a century ago.


Milner worked as a British colonial administrator. He played an influential leadership role in the formulation of foreign and domestic policy between the mid-1890s and early 1920s.

South Africa

Alfred Milner and staff in South Africa.jpg

World War I

From December 1916 to November 1918, he was one of the most important members of David Lloyd George's War Cabinet.


A Quote by Alfred Milner

Coefficients (dining club)“We must have an aristocracy - not of privilege, but of understanding and purpose - or mankind will fail. The solution does not lie in direct confrontation. We can defeat democracy because we understand the workings of the human mind, the mental hinterlands hidden behind the persona. I see human progress, not as the spontaneous product of crowds of raw minds swayed by elementary needs, but as a natural but elaborate result of intricate human interdependencies.”1903Quoted in Daniel Estulin TransEvolution


Related Quotations

1916“Lord Milner had just orchestrated a British coup in 1916 ousting Labour’s Herbert Asquith in order to bring Milner’s Round Table group into dominance as a shaper of imperial foreign policy at a pivotal moment in history. This coup allowed this group to define the terms of the Post-war world at Versailles”Matthew Ehret-Kump
South Africa/Deep stateAlfred Milner organized and developed a talented coterie of Oxford graduates inside his South African administration, men who by 1914 held critical positions of power in the City, the Conservative Party, the Civil Service, major newspapers and academia. Carroll Quigley specifically dedicated a chapter of his seminal Anglo-American Establishment to this "Milner's Kindergarten", the men who rose to high office in government, industry and politics. He appointed, trained and developed his chosen men to drive forward the Secret Elite agenda with conviction.”Gerry Docherty
Jim Macgregor
UK/Deep state“Five principal players, Cecil Rhodes, William Stead, Lord Reginald Esher, Lord Nathaniel Rothschild and Alfred Milner were the founding fathers, but the secret society developed rapidly in numbers, power and presence in the years before 1914. Influential old aristocratic families that had long dominated Westminster were more deeply involved, as was King Edward VII, who operated within the inner core of the Secret Elite. Cecil Rhodes, a mining magnate who made millions in South Africa, had long talked about setting up a Jesuit-like secret society, pledged to take any action necessary to protect and promote the power of the British Empire. He sought to "bring the whole uncivilized world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, for the making of the Anglo-Saxon race but one empire." * In essence the plan was as simple as that.”Gerry Docherty
Jim Macgregor
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