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Group.png King family  
Membership• Martin Luther King
• Martin Luther King Sr.
• Christine King Farris
• Alberta Williams King
• Yolanda Denise King
• Martin Luther King III
• Dexter Scott King
• Bernice Albertine King
• Coretta Scott King
• Martin Luther King III
• Alveda King
• Angela Stanton-King
• Yolanda King
The family of MLK

The King family is an important family in the United States.[1]


Known members

2 of the 12 of the members already have pages here:

Martin Luther KingMartin Luther King was a pastor and political activist whose moral stance in the US in the 1960s posed a serious challenge to the institutionalised corruption at the heart of the US establishment. Now feted by the US government, although the US legal process conceded in 1999 that he was assassinated by the same government.
Angela Stanton-KingAmerican conservative activist