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Concept.png Family 

A family is a group of persons united by the ties of marriage, blood, or adoption. More broadly it can be defined as those who have common ancestry. In normal usage, the term refers to the typical nuclear family, that consists of a mother (wife), a father (husband), and children.[1]

Elite family

A focus of Wikispooks are certain families that have more wealth, understanding of political processes and influence than the rest of the citizenry. Royal families are often such families.



Page nameDescription
Aga Khan familyFamily leading religion with 20 million adherents. Close ties to British intelligence and deep state. Noted for its great wealth and playboy lifestyle.
Agnelli familyThe absolutely most powerful dynasty in Italy, founded by Giovanni Agnelli
Albrecht familyNorth German family, prominent as civil servants.
Aliyev familyThe ruling family of Azerbaijan.
Astor FamilyWealthy British and American family.
Biden familyPolitical family in the USA. Its fortune follows the career of Joe Biden. "Joe says that when someone helps his family, it’s just like helping Joe."
Bin Laden familyThe family owning the largest construction firm in the world, closely connected to both the Bush family and the Saudi Royal family.
Brenninkmeijer familyThe richest family in the Netherlands
British royal familyThe British royals have still indirect influence over the Commonwealth of Nations
Bronfman familyCanadian-Jewish family, known for its extensive business holdings.
Bush familyUS deep state family
Cargill familyThe 4th wealthiest family in the United States
Delano familyWealthy American family heavily involved in politics. Once participated in the opium trade.
Du Pont familyHugely influential US family
Forbes familyWealthy, established American family. Once involved in the drug trade.<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a><a href="#cite_note-2">[2]</a>
Goldsmith familyA prominent Jewish family and financial dynasty in England.
Herlin familyFinnish billionaire family. Heavy Bilderberg habit, ties to the Wallenberg Sphere.
House of BolkiahThe billionaire royal family of Brunei.
House of HashimThe ruling family of Jordan.
House of SaudThe ruling family of Saudi Arabia. They are the richest royal family in the world.
Kennedy familyIrish-American family. The most powerful political family in the United States.
King familyThe family of MLK
Koç familyA prominent Turkish family and financial dynasty in Turkey.
Lazard familyBanking dynasty
Louis-Dreyfus familyFrench-Jewish business family of the large grain merchant Louis-Dreyfus Group
Malcolm X familythe family of Malcolm X
Mavroleon familyFamily of Greek shipping magnates with strong United Kingdom connections.
Murdoch familyProminent media family
Perkins family
Pritzker familyOne of the wealthiest families in the USA.
Rockefeller familyA vital family in the US Deep state, since the days of The Money Trust
Rothschild familyOne of the most wealthy and influential families in the world
Sainsbury familyEnglish family; founded Sainsbury's, the UK's second-largest supermarket chain.
Trump familyProminent family in the USA. The relatives of former president Donald Trump
Wallenberg familyInfluential family that controls a large chunk of the Swedish economy
Warburg familyBanking dynasty


Related Quotation

Friedrich Engels“By dissolving nationalities, the liberal economic system had done its best to universalise enmity, to transform mankind into a horde of ravenous beasts (for what else are competitors?) who devour one another just because each has identical interests with all the others – after this preparatory work there remained but one step to take before the goal was reached, the dissolution of the family. To accomplish this, economy’s own beautiful invention, the factory system, came to its aid.”Friedrich Engels
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