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(investigative journalist, researcher)
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BornLondon, England
ResidenceBuenos Aires,  Argentina
Interests • Martin Bormann
• John Ainsworth-Davis
• Harold Goulding
• Diana Princess of Wales/Death
• Dr David Kelly/Death
Laurence de Mello is a British deep politics researcher based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Laurence de Mello is in investigative journalist, researcher and Wikispooks editor. Under the pseudonym 'Ami de Creighton' she helped John Ainsworth-Davis by finishing, producing and publishing The Mountbatten Report.

John Ainsworth-Davis

In 2006 de Mello was approached[How?][Why?] by John Ainsworth-Davis, who had an unfinished manuscript of what was later to be published as The Mountbatten Report. De mello was initially emailed information from Ainsworth-Davis after he knew de Mello was conducting an intensive investigation on Martin Bormann and Odessa. She was residing in Buenos Aires Argentina.

Harold Goulding

In 2014 de Mello was approached by Jill Goulding, the granddaughter of Commander Harold Goulding DSO. Jill had found a stash of 'Top Secret' and 'Most Secret' British naval intelligence files in her mother's attic, that had not been seen since Goulding's mysterious death in 1945. Within these files they discovered evidence that John Ainsworth-Davis had been trained by Commander Goulding in small fast boats for covert ops. These documents included a transcription of the the militarily disastrous Dieppe Raid held less than 48 hours after the event. It lends some support to Ainsworth-Davis' claim that the event may have been staged as a black-op for intelligence purposes.

Death of Princess Diana

Full article: Diana Princess of Wales/Death

In July 2015 the dying investigative writer John Morgan agreed with Laurence de Mello that she should co author his current book Judicial Corruption. The book will focus mainly on the many suspicious failures of Lord Justice Scott Baker, the inquest coroner into Diana's death[1]. This work will be part 7 of a series of forensic reports into the inquest into the 1997 Paris crash that killed Diana, Princess of Wales, her lover Dodi al Fayed and their driver Henri Paul.