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Argentina orthographic.svg
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LocationSouth America
LeaderArgentine president
Typenation state
Member ofG-20, International Criminal Court, Organisation of American States, UN
Argentina/Secretary of Security
Second biggest country in South America.

Argentina is a large nation state in South America.


Waking Times reported in 2015 that rural Argentina had suffered increasing health problems since 1996 when Monsanto began introducing GM Crops and pesticides. Health problems reported include hypothyroidism, chronic respiratory illnesses and cancer.[1]

Drug policy

In August 2010, Argentina's Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional to punish people for personal use of marijuana.[2]


In the 1970s, the US Deep state applied lessons learned from the Phoenix program to support autocratic governments in South America, including in Argentina.


"Newly declassified [in 2019] United States military and intelligence documents recently delivered to Argentina offer new details about the country’s brutal military junta."[3]

Falklands War

Full article: Stub class article Falklands War
The HMS Invincible at the Falklands War

In 1982, the Argentinian government invaded the Falkland Islands. This was a great assistance to the government of Margaret Thatcher, which ordered military action to reclaim them, resulting in the 1982 Falklands War.

Kurt Sonnenfeld

Full article: Kurt Sonnenfeld

On her last day in office in 2015, Argentine president Cristina Kirchner reversed an Argentine Supreme Court decision and granted permanent political asylum to ex-FEMA videographer turned 9-11/Whistleblower, Kurt Sonnenfeld.[4]

Sexual blackmail

Raúl Martins, a "former" spook with the SIDE during the Videla military dictatorship, later ran a VIP prostitution ring in both Argentina and later Mexico after things got to hot for him in at home. Martins was "a man very connected to power" and the owner of a collection of incriminating sex videos. In 2003, he decided to move away from Argentina, expanding his operations in Mexico, mainly in Cancun where he opened several VIP sex clubs, some even with the same name as the ones he used to run in Buenos Aires.[5]

According to the testimony given by his daughter, Lorena Martins, during his 15 years in the SIDE Raúl Martins acted under the orders of the obscure agent Antonio "Jaime" Stiuso. She also indicated that her father, a pimp, contributed significant sums of money to Mauricio Macri's campaign, who later became President of Argentina.[6]

In 1982, shortly before the return of democracy, José Daniel Salinardi was appointed partner and agent of Osgra SRL, a firm that managed the ghost properties of the former SIDE, many of them acquired during the dictatorship. The company was a cover with a double function: it covered up the spurious origin of the buildings, and the activities that took place there. Osgra SRL controlled 80% of the properties of SIDE in its name. Among the properties was the Chacabuco 142/50 estate that the AFI put up for auction. In the adjoining building, at Chacabauco 160, The One, one of the brothels run by Raúl Martins operated. According to a complaint by the NGO La Alameda, this property is also part of the hidden businesses empire of the former SIDE.[7]

Lorena Martins has a file on her father with many images with "all kinds of politicians" posing with her father in his brothels.[8] In one of those images you can see Mauricio Macri and his wife, Juliana Awada, enjoying a night at the Mix Sky Lounge, in Cancun, Mexico. According to Lorena, the place was owned by her father, and he was involved in a transnational sex trafficking. "The one hugging Macri (in the photo) is an employee of my dad named Gabriel Conde, accused of exploiting minors," Lorena declared in 2012, when Macri ruled the city of Buenos Aires.[7][9][10][11]


Related Quotation

IGO“Well after Argentina went bust in 1991 it offered most of its creditors about thirty-five cents on the dollar. About ninety percent of these people accepted that but some of them didn't and they tried to sue the bank In Switzerland because that's where its headquarters, but the Swiss courts and I think also the Swiss Federal Council have said that the bank is founded by an international treaty. It is inviolable: it cannot be sued.”2018



1994 Buenos Aires bombingSuicide van bomb attack on the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association building in Buenos Aires, killing 85 people and injuring hundreds. For political reasons tried pinned on Hezbollah


Groups Headquartered Here

Catholic University of Argentina1958One of the best private universities in Latin America
National University of La Plata1897Not to be confused with Buenos Aires University


Citizens of Argentina on Wikispooks

Laura Alonso23 December 1972
Jorge Mario Bergoglio17 December 1936Ruling as Pope Francis. Fully onboard a New World Order agenda. "Being vaccinated is an act of love".
Josep Borrell24 April 1947Spanish Euro-politician in the forefront of a censorship drive. Attended his first Bilderberg in 2023
Eugenio Burzaco22 January 1971Argentinian politically connected spook with a large amount of dodgy dealings. WEF Young Global Leader 2006
Máxima Zorreguieta Cerruti17 May 1971Dutch royalty
Eduardo Elsztain26 January 1960Businessman close to Edgar Bronfman and George Soros. The prime Argentine supporter of and fundraiser for the World Jewish Congress. Annual conferee at the World Economic Forum, which selected him a Young Global Leader in 2000.
Mariano Federici
Martín Guzmán12 October 1982Argentinean Minister of Economy during the Covid-lockdowns and debt restructuring. Selected WEF/YGL. Close to many projects of George Soros.
Natacha Jaitt13 August 197723 February 2019Assassinated model who became a whistleblower for child sex abuse by Argentina's elite class
Cristina Kirchner19 February 1953Argentinian vice president; former first lady and former president
Néstor Kirchner25 February 195027 October 2010
Raúl Alberto Lastiri11 September 191511 December 1978
Mauricio Macri8 February 1959Made President of Argentina in 2015 after attending the WEF 2015 meeting, YGL 2016
Luis María Otero Monsegur9 February 191426 April 2002Argentinian banker who attended the 1970 Cercle meeting in Washington DC
Alberto Nisman5 December 196318 January 2015Argentinian lawyer and CIA/Mossad collaborator who was murdered the day before delivering report on the 1994 car bombing of the Jewish center in Buenos Aires.
Eva Perón7 May 191926 July 1952Hated intensely by the establishment, died of cancer age 33
Martín Varsavsky26 April 1960Argentine businessman based in Spain who founded several companies worldwide.
Gustavo Vera24 March 1964
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