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(Forecaster, Statecraft/Analyst)
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Born01 November 1949
New Jersey
Criminal charge
Contempt of court, Commingling
Interests • Financial system
• Stock market crash
• Bankers
• Bill Browder
• Edmond Safra
• Hermitage Capital Management
• “Climate change”
• COVID-19
• Money/Fractional-reserve banking
Economic forecaster who was held in jail for 11 years, most of the time for contempt of court, after being relieved of the initial charges.

Martin Arthur Armstrong is a self-taught economic forecaster who's computer program, now named Socrates,[1] has reliably predicted several major economic crises in the past.


He was a sought for adviser to central banks and politicians in 1980s and 90s.[2][3] He was chairman of Princeton Economics International and the Foundation for the Study of Cycles.

After refusing to hand over the source code for his economic forecasting program[4] and phone recordings,[5] he was charged for operating a ponzi scheme[6] and held in contempt of court for a total of seven years[7][8] after the initial charges against him proved to be indefensible.[9][10] An attempt on his life was made during his time in prison from which he nearly died.[11]

One of the first conferences after his release from jail.

The Forecaster

A documentary from 2014 directed by Marcus Vetter and co-produced by Arte tells the story of Armstrong's financial model, his imprisonment, release and comeback (download[12]). The film was, according to Armstrong, insured by Lloyds of London against slander and libel, thus the presented facts would hold up in a court of law.[13]

Forecast 2020 and beyond

In his view, the economic decline brought about by the Corona virus crisis is a deliberate attempt to bring the world economy into a position where strong changes are more readily accepted. In a blog post from 7th July 2020 he questions: "if there will even be free elections post-2024 given what the computer is projecting".[14][15] From his analysis he concludes that "World War is coming [in the] 2025-2027 time period".[16]

The forecaster -recommended video.


A Quote by Martin Armstrong

COVID-19/Purposes“The MOTIVE is to default on all government debts and to hide their failure, Schwab is presenting this as you will own nothing and be happy because governments will erase all debt. Pension will be replaced by Guaranteed Basic Income.
So while everyone argues over COVID, vaccines, COVID passports, and lockdowns, the real plot is never discussed. This is what 2032 is all about. It is the end of an era that began with Keynesian Economics and the Great Depression. Part of Schwab’s 2030 agenda is to end democracy they call “populism” for we are too stupid to know what is best for us, when it is all about them retaining power.”
17 December 2021
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