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The modern financial system is a belief system comparable to a religion. It is solely backed by our trust in it, nothing else.[1]

Official narrative

"There is no alternative" etc.


Full article: Fractional-reserve banking

Mike Daisy has called the modern financial system both a religion and a "cargo cult".[2]

Money creation

Full article: Money creation

Money creation is not taught on business, economics or accounting courses, or subjected to discussion in commercially-controlled media.

John McMurtry estimated in 2001 that approximately 95% of money was created by private for profit corporations.

“The key master lie is this one:- that the politically-imposed (not economically-) the politically-imposed global corporate system calling itself the "global free market", that that politically-imposed global corporate system equals the "free market" equals democracy equals a solution to poverty.”
John McMurtry (2001)  [3]


An example

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Stock exchange


Related Quotations

COVID-19/Purposes“The MOTIVE is to default on all government debts and to hide their failure, Schwab is presenting this as you will own nothing and be happy because governments will erase all debt. Pension will be replaced by Guaranteed Basic Income.
So while everyone argues over COVID, vaccines, COVID passports, and lockdowns, the real plot is never discussed. This is what 2032 is all about. It is the end of an era that began with Keynesian Economics and the Great Depression. Part of Schwab’s 2030 agenda is to end democracy they call “populism” for we are too stupid to know what is best for us, when it is all about them retaining power.”
Martin Armstrong17 December 2021
J. P. Morgan“... [credit] is an evidence of banking, but it [credit] is not the money itself. Money is gold, and nothing else.”J.P. Morgan & Co.
J. P. Morgan


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Document:War and Peace - The Lost Principles of Science and Valuearticle17 June 2015John McMurtryA wide-ranging critique of the techniques of globalisation and the way in which apparently otherwise well-meaning western NGOs frame the worlds problems in US war propaganda terms
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