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Group.png Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency  
UK Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency logo.png
Parent organizationDepartment of Health and Social Care
LeaderChief Executive for the MHRA
Sponsored byBill & Melinda Gates Foundation
British government regulator of pharmaceuticals.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency or MHRA is the UK medical licensing and regulatory agency. Its tasks include operating an approval system for drugs before they are launched on the market and monitoring drugs that have already been approved on the market. It is also responsible for the risk monitoring of medical devices. It has increased in prominence during COVID from March 2020.

The agency receives significant funding from Big Pharma, via the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation[1] in a major conflict of interest. The Foundation, a tax-dodging device, holds major shares in COVID-19 jab developers Pfizer and BioNTech.

The agency stated that the current level of grant funding that they receive from the foundation is roughly $3 million, which they say is spread across several projects and three to four financial years.[2]

It has been lead by June Raine since 2019.

On 3 September 2021, 10 protestors were arrested outside the headquarters in London.[3] Five police officers were injured.[4]


Employee on Wikispooks

June RaineChief Executive20 September 2019Changed its purpose "from watchdog, to enabler."


Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationVery influential and rich foundation established to take leadership of global health.


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