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Interest of"Philip Cross"

Neil Clark is a UK-based journalist, writer and broadcaster, regular contributor to newspapers and magazines in the UK and overseas including The Guardian, The Week, Morning Star, Daily & Sunday Express, Mail on Sunday & The Spectator. He describes himself as a strong opponent to the neo-conservative war agenda - and says he believes in the urgent necessity of a left-right anti-war coalition.[1]


On , Clark headlined an op-ed in Russia Today Hateful hypocrisy: In hate crime-obsessed Britain, vilifying Covid vaccine ‘refuseniks’ comes with establishment approval.[2] On 9 April 2020, he wrote:

Irish academic research has shown that Vitamin D, which we get from sunlight, can boost resistance to respiratory infection, including coronavirus, yet the UK government isn't listening and instead warns us all to stay indoors.

Summer seems to have arrived early in Britain. It’s forecast to be 24 degrees Celsius on Easter Saturday in some parts, with lovely sunny weather and warm temperatures returning in the second half of next week.

Not that most Brits will be able to enjoy it. We're in 'lockdown' and only supposed to go outdoors for a very small number of reasons. Sunbathing, as the police and government have both made very clear, is not one of them. A video was doing the rounds on Sunday showing cops in a patrol van telling people not to sunbathe in Peckham Rye Park in London.[3]

"Philip Cross" and Wikipedia

"Philip Cross" and Wikipedia

In May 2018, on George Galloway's talkRADIO show:

Someone going by the name "Philip Cross" has been editing a number of Wikipedia entries, including George Galloway's. Who is this person? What we do know about them and their motives? George speaks to journalist Neil Clark.[4]

Could this alter ego be Oliver Kamm?[5]

Suing Oliver Kamm

On 10 December 2016, Neil Clark asked for his legal appeal against Oliver Kamm, Rupert Murdoch and The Times newspaper to be crowdfunded.[6][7] He updated the request on 4 December 2017:

Oliver Kamm has now been sued for libel and harassment. My counsel has advised me not to serve the writ – already lodged at the court in the summer – against his employers and instead focus the action on Kamm. He believes this would have a number of advantages. It is advice that I have decided very reluctantly to accept (given the arrogant way The Times and News UK arrogantly ignored all my very reasonable requests), but I do not rule out Kamm's employers – including Rupert Murdoch – being brought into a legal action at a later date if this matter is not resolved satisfactorily. We now have over £17K raised but legal costs have been high and I will be stepping up fundraising to pay for the court costs which could be considerable. All contributions, large or small, are gratefully accepted and appreciated. Many thanks again to everyone who has supported me.[8]


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