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(author, journalist)
BornNew Zealand
NationalityNew Zealand
InterestsIntelligence services
New Zealand-based investigative journalist

Nicky Hager is a journalist in Wellington, New Zealand, and author of Secret Power: New Zealand’s Role in the International Spy Network (Craig Potton Publishing, Nelson, New Zealand, 1996, ISBN 0908802358), which uncovered New Zealand's role in the UKUSA Echelon intelligence network. The book is out of print and the best price for a used copy on Amazon UK (as at 2017) was $34


Documents by Nicky Hager

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:Israel's omnicient earsarticleSeptember 2010IsraelIsraeli Signals Intelligence base at Urim in the Negev Desert
Document:New Zealand SISspeech1 February 2011New Zealand Security Intelligence Service
File:Secret Power.pdfbook1996UKUSA
Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior
A detailed account of how the integration of New Zealand into the UKUSA global signals interception system was achieved with neither the knowledge not consent of the country's senior politicians - in particular Prime minister David Lange who wrote the foreword to this book. It also deals with the infamous Rainbow Warrior incident in detail