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(Journalist, author)
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BornPeter Jonathan Hitchens
Sliema, Crown Colony of Malta (Now Malta)
Alma materThe Leys School, University of York
SpouseEve Ross
PartyInternational Socialists, Labour Party, Conservative Party

Peter Hitchens is an English journalist and author. He has published six books, including The Abolition of Britain, The Rage Against God, and The War We Never Fought. He is a frequent critic of political correctness, and describes himself as an Anglican Christian and Burkean conservative,[1] as well as a social democrat.[2]

A shadowy army unit spied on Hitchens for his dissent during COVID-19.[3]


Peter Hitchens writes for The Mail on Sunday and is a former foreign correspondent in Moscow and Washington. He works as a foreign reporter and in 2010 was awarded the Orwell Prize.

Banned by Wikipedia

On 6 August 2018, Peter Hitchens tweeted:

Goodbye Wikipedia, and thanks for all the laughs. How I came to be banned and muzzled by the free encyclopaedia.[4]

Patrick Haseldine tweeted in reply:

I see you were banned by #Wikipedia Admin #JzG aka #GuyChapman, who also blocked me from editing WP back in 2007, and deleted my biography of Lockerbie bombing "expert witness" #AllenFeraday. The unadulterated Feraday biography now appears on #Wikispooks here.[5]

"They destroyed Manhattan’s Twin Towers"

On 13 July 2017, in an article entitled "Peter Hitchens Dissects OPCW Anomalies In Report on Chemical Attack in Syria", Hitchens wrote:

What do we actually know about what happened at Khan Sheikhoun? As I have pointed out several times, very little. I summed up the problem here. I reproduce this passage for those who may have missed it the first time:

"Any report which comes from that region is filtered through people who you never see in the film that does get out. I have met men like them on my travels. I would not want to offend them.
"These are the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, alias the Al-Nusra Front, alias Al Qaeda, the Syrian ‘opposition’ which we in the West have been supporting for several years. Yes, that’s right, the people we have been helping are not Liberal Democrats or Girl Guides or Quakers. No, they are the same movement which destroyed Manhattan’s Twin Towers. The only big difference between them and Islamic State is that we drop bombs on Islamic State. And we drop bombs on behalf of Al-Nusra/Al Qaeda.
"I’ve noted here before how these people have publicly kidnapped, killed and even sunk their teeth into the entrails of dead enemies. But in this case, another small detail may make you wonder about what you are being told. In some reports of the alleged atrocity, a supposed ‘British doctor’, Shajul Islam, was quoted or shown on the spot, described as a ‘volunteer treating victims in hospital’. Actually, he shouldn’t really be called a British doctor. He was struck off the British medical register for ‘misconduct’ in March 2016.
"The General Medical Council won’t say why. And in 2012 Shajul Islam was charged with terror offences in a British court. He was accused of imprisoning John Cantlie, a British photographer, and a Dutchman, Jeroen Oerlemans. Both men were held by a militant group in Syria and both were wounded when they tried to escape. Shajul Islam, it was alleged, was among their captors. Shajul Islam’s trial collapsed in 2013, when it was revealed that Mr Cantlie had been abducted once again, and could not give evidence. Mr Oerlemans refused to give evidence for fear that it would further endanger Mr Cantlie. Mr Oerlemans has since been killed in Libya. So the supposedly benevolent medical man at the scene of the alleged atrocity turns out to be a struck-off doctor who was once put on trial for kidnapping."[6]


"It’s for your own good. Labour’s amazing endorsement of a nurse who thinks she was right to keep a weeping man from seeing his dying wife . The icy zealotry of COVID authoritarianism revealed".[7]

In 2020 Hitchens was one of the "most outspoken opponents of the coronavirus lockdown".[8] He headlined a 4 July 2020 Daily Mail article We've all turned from normal humans into muzzled masochists![9]

He filed a complaint about BBC coverage of the Douma attack. The BBC have now admitted that their documentary had "inaccuaries".[10]


Documents by Peter Hitchens

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:Dropping bombs on behalf of Al Qaedaarticle9 April 2017Al-Qaeda
Islamic State
Al-Nusra Front
On Friday morning 7 April 2017 the United States Navy launched 59 cruise missiles on behalf of Al Qaeda
Document:It’s Nato that’s empire-building, not Putinarticle7 March 2015NATO
European Union
Rare honesty, peppered with obligatory obeisances to western official narratives, about Nato empire-building since 1990 from a western mainsteam media journalist.
Document:The great con that ruined BritainArticle3 April 2016Craig Murray
Christopher Hitchens
Margaret Thatcher
Theresa May
Ronald Reagan
Jeremy Corbyn
2016 EU Referendum
Peter Hitchens, the repentant Thatcherite, has second thoughts about privatisation: if it’s all been so beneficial, why do so many of the containers that arrive in British ports, full of expensive imports, leave this country empty?
Document:What is the point of tourists' checks and tests if migrants can just walk into Dover?article5 June 2021Wikileaks
Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
UK/Deep state
Douma attack
Political correctness
Open borders
A blog post outlining the illogical policy of lockdown measures in the pandemic era, followed by sections about political correctness, and the Douma attack whistleblowers and Wikileaks.
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