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Page nameDescription
Raymond AronFrench sociologist who attended 3 Bilderbergs from 1957 to 1966
A.J. Ayer
Wendell Berry
Murray BookchinPhilosopher who founded the social ecology movement
Nick BostromSweden philosopher who first attended the Bilderberg in 2019.
Bertus BrouwerShell CEO. Bilderberg 1970. Founder of the mathematical philosophy of intuitionism.
James Burnham
Maria CarrilhoPortuguese politician, "A pioneer of Military Sociology studies in Portugal"
Richard Coudenhove-KalergiThe founder of the first influential movement for a united Europe.
Ralf DahrendorfGerman born philosopher. Regular contributor to Bilderberg meetings.
Aleksandr Dugin
Dietrich EckartA German poet, playwright and philosopher who was a key influence on the development of Adolf Hitler's political philosophy
Michel Foucault
Roger Garaudy
Edward GoldsmithPioneering environmentalist with a hint of misanthropy.
Rebecca GoldsteinUS philosopher and author who attended her first Bilderberg in 2018.
Jürgen HabermasGerman philosopher and sociologist.
Sidney Hook
Srećko Horvat
Ivan IllichNot particularly celebrated during his lifetime, Illich was one of the most original thinkers of the 20th century, perhaps of all time.
Leon Kass
Peter KropotkinAnarchist philosopher promoting a decentralized economic system based on mutual aid, mutual support, and voluntary cooperation
Michael LedeenBilderberg, Le Cercle,
John LillyExperimented with psychedelic drugs, isolation tanks as a means of sensory deprivation. Also attempted communication between humans and dolphins.
Charles Malik
Thomas MalthusThe father of depopulation justifications, both in British imperial ideology and among modern day billionaires.
Marshall McLuhan"The medium is the message"
John McMurtryJohn McMurtry is a professor of philosophy at Guelph university and a Fellow of the Canadian Royal Society
Onora O'NeillUK second generation Bilderberger, academic
Thorsten J. Pattberg
Jean-François Revel
John Ruskin
Bertrand Russell
Jean-Paul Sartre
Roger Scruton
Vandana ShivaAnti-globalization and anti-GMO activist
Larry A. Siedentop
Dolf SternbergerGerman academic who attended the third and fourth Bilderbergs
Leo Strauss"The father of neoconservatism"
Henry David Thoreau
Rick Turner
Sayak Valencia
André VltchekAndre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist.
Slavoj Žižek

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