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Concept.png Polyglot 

A polyglot is a person who knows and is able to use several languages. When mentioned as a special skill on Wikispooks, it normally means 4 or more.

The best multilingual speakers have acquired and maintained more than one language learnt during childhood. The first language (sometimes also referred to as the mother tongue) is usually acquired without formal education. Children acquiring two languages natively from these early years are called simultaneous bilinguals. It is common for young simultaneous bilinguals to be more proficient in one language than the other.

Languages learnt as an adult can never be as fluent.

Being able to speak two or more languages as a native is handy in jobs involving international relations. People listed with this skill on Wikispooks are normally involved in diplomacy, interpreting, spycraft or similar, but normally not in the top positions.



Page nameDescription
Samantha de BendernUK deep state-connected polyglot "international civil servant" with a masters degree in Wealth Management, fellow of the Institute for Statecraft, associate fellow of Chatham House
Enzo BettizaAnti-communist Moscow correspondent and editor who attended the 1974 Bilderberg Meeting. Later Europhile politician.
Victor BoutRussian accused of arms smuggling by the US, was jailed with help from a turned associate, allegedly, on orders of the CIA.
İhsan DoğramacıTurkish doctor and university administrator
Maurice Gourdault-MontagneSenior French diplomat
Ivan IllichNot particularly celebrated during his lifetime, Illich was one of the most original thinkers of the 20th century, perhaps of all time.
Michael JosselsonCIA agent who set up the Congress for Cultural Freedom in 1950.
Vernon Kell
Katharine KlačanskýA member of the HCSS who unknowingly revealed some members and their link to the summer conference where the Dutch Cluster of the IfS was started.
Mira MilosevichPolyglot fellow of the Integrity Initiative
Hugh Montgomery (diplomat)63 years with the Central Intelligence Agency, where he was one of the agency's greatest linguists.
Fernando Farinha Simões
Terence TodmanU.S. Ambassador to Chad, Guinea, Costa Rica, Spain, Denmark, and Argentina.
Harold WilliamsA polyglot who learned over 50 languages
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