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(Arms dealer, translator, businessman)
Victor Bout in Bangkok jail
BornViktor Anatolyevich Bout
Dushanbe, Tajik SSR, Soviet Union
Russian accused of arms smuggling by the US

Victor Bout is an ex-Russian Army translator, turned businessman who was accused of arms smuggling by the US and has been arrested in a sting operation.


In 2008, Bout was lured to Bangkok by his business partner-turned DEA collaborator Andrew Smulian and arrested during a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) sting operation. [1] He was eventually extradited to the US where, on 5 April in 2012, he was jailed for 25 years for allegedly attempting to sell air defense missiles and other weapons to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).


Bout denied all charges, insisting that he only ran an air transportation company. He further claimed that he was unlawfully prosecuted merely because he had refused “to cooperate with the US secret services” and the allegations against him were brought about due to the “unfair competition from the Western companies, controlled by the CIA.” [2] His lawyers also argued that the government’s star witness was British-born businessman Andrew Smulian who became a DEA informant and got a five-year sentence in the same case.

Viktoria Yaroshenko stated that her husband, Konstantin, was offered permanent residency for the family in the US if he would testify against Viktor Bout, but he refused to do so.[3]

Bout’s 2017 appeal for a retrial was denied. [4]


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