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This SMWObject has status "stable". Wikispooks currently has 219 pages which use Template:Property (0 of them Stubs).
The relationships used by SMW to connect pages together. This object mandated for the property: namespace.

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Page nameType"Has type" is a predefined property that describes the datatype of a property and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.StatusDescription
Born onDatestableThis property is used to link people to their date of birth.
Creation dateDatespecialThis property is used to indicate the date on which a page was created.
DescriptionTextstableThis property gives a one paragraph description: <500 characters of plaintext, with no carriage return.
Description2TextexperimentalThis property gives a one paragraph description: <500 characters of wikitext. It is used by Wikispooks internally and swaps out square brackets with safer characters so they can be stored in a property.
Died onDatestableThis property is used to link people to their date of death.
Display atPageexperimentalThis property is used to manage the display of pages.
Display born onTextexperimentalThis property is to show people's birth date
Display dateTextstableThis property is used to assign a composite human readable field from the other three date properties
Display died onTextexperimentalThis property is to show people's death date
Display docTypeTextexperimentalThis property is used to display DocType and add in "Wikispooks Page" in case it is unspecified
Display durationNumberexperimentalThis property is used to store how many days a job was held
Display iconexperimentalThis property points to the icon of the object type.
Display imageTextstable
Display image2Pageexperimental
Display lifespanTextstableThis property is used to show people's life/death.
EndDatestableThis property is used to indicate the date on which a (non-instantaneous) event ended, or is scheduled to end
Equivalent URIURLspecialMarks a page in the wiki as having a well-known meaning beyond this wiki, in an external URI.
ExposedPagestableThis property is used to link whistleblowers to the events or plans that they exposed
GlossaryDescriptionTextexperimentalThis property is for specifying the description of a key concepts, so they are listed in the glossary page.
Has ISBNTextstableThis property to specify an ISBN number of a document.
Has URLURLstableThis property matches websites to their URL
Has WS pagePageexperimentalThis property is assigned to WP:pages to indicate their main Wikispooks page
Has WSuserpageexperimentalThis property is used on people who are Wikispooks editors to link them to their user pages.
Has aimTextexperimentalThis property holds the actual aim(s) of an organisation.
Has alchetronURLexperimentalThis property is for alchetron URLs
Has almaMaterPagestableA property to match people to the institutions they have as alma_maters
Has amazonURLstableThis property is for amazon URLs
Has ancestryURLexperimentalThis property is for ancestry URLs
Has appointerPagestableA property to match postings to their appointers
Has authorPagestableThis property to specify who is the author of a document, film or quotation.
Has authorityPageexperimentalThis property denotes the authority under which an event occurred. Currently it is used only for legal cases, but that may change.
Has averageRatingNumberstableThis property should not be manually assigned, but calculated automatically
Has bilderbergCountTextstable
Has birthPlacePagestableThis property is used to link people to their place of birth.
Has captionTextexperimentalThis property is used to describe this video's caption.
Has causePageexperimentalThis property is used to assign causes to events
Has cercleCountTextexperimental
Has childPagestable
Has classificationTextstableThis property to specify the original security classification of a document.
Has companieshouseURLexperimentalThis property is for UK companieshouse URLs
Has companieshouse:experimental
Has companycheckURLexperimentalThis property is for companycheck URLs
Has companycheck:experimental
Has companydirectorcheckURLexperimentalThis property is for companydirectorcheck URLs
Has companydirectorcheck:experimental
Has conceptTypeTextexperimentalThis property to specify the type of a concept.
Has coordinatesGeographic coordinatesmootedThis property is for declaring where the subject is/was/will be located, in physical space.
Has criminalConvictionPageexperimentalThis property connects people to criminal charges of which they have been convicted.
Has crunchbaseURLstableThis property is for Crunchbase URLs
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The relationships used by SMW to connect pages together. This object mandated for the property: namespace. +
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