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Status: stable
This property is used to assist development of SMW on this wiki.

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Pagenames in the Property: namespace & Names of SMW Objects
  • Predicate:  Has status
  • Object:        {mooted"mooted" is not a number., experimental"experimental" is not a number., stable"stable" is not a number., special"special" is not a number.} (type Text)

275 Pages use the property "Has status"

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Page nameHas status
Has effectexperimental
Has causeexperimental
ON has deathCauseexperimental
ON has causeexperimental
ON has effectexperimental
ON involvesexperimental
ON died onexperimental
ON occurred onexperimental
ON startexperimental
ON endexperimental
Has valueexperimental
ON has perpetratorexperimental
Has perpetratorexperimental
ON display dateexperimental
Has subEventexperimental
Display docTypeexperimental
Has groupTypeexperimental
Has aimexperimental
ON has aimexperimental
Has nameexperimental
Has depictionexperimental
Has witnessexperimental
ON has witnessexperimental
Has killerexperimental
ON has killerexperimental
Has parentDocumentexperimental
Has employerexperimental
Has groupStatusexperimental
Has conceptTypeexperimental
Has deputyexperimental
Has eventTypeexperimental
Has plaintiffexperimental
Has defendantexperimental
Has authorityexperimental
Has jobTitleexperimental
Victim ofexperimental
Has objectTypeexperimental
Has subplaceexperimental
Has videoexperimental
Has rootFullPageNameexperimental
Has captionexperimental
Has videoCodeexperimental
Has keySortexperimental
Has keyOrderexperimental
Display iconexperimental
Has objectClass2experimental
Has parentFullPageNameexperimental
Has revisionUserexperimental
Has image2experimental
Has targetexperimental
Has superobjectexperimental
Has placeTypeexperimental
Occurred onexperimental
Has WS pageexperimental
Has parentexperimental
Display atexperimental
Has rootGroupexperimental
Has producerexperimental
In seriesexperimental
Display durationexperimental
Has durationexperimental
Has WSuserpageexperimental
Display image2experimental
Has criminalConvictionexperimental
Has textexperimental
Is not stubexperimental
Display born onexperimental
Display died onexperimental
Has prabookexperimental
Has mapexperimental
Has isgpexperimental
Has infogalacticexperimental
Has wikiquoteexperimental
Has alchetronexperimental
Has companycheckexperimental
Has mediumexperimental
Has patreonexperimental
Has geniexperimental
Has zoominfoexperimental
Has wikileaksexperimental
ON has participantexperimental
Has dbpediaexperimental
Has famechainexperimental
Has wikidataexperimental
Has mashpediaexperimental
Has companydirectorcheckexperimental
Has ancestryexperimental
Has postingexperimental
Has cercleCountexperimental
Has sponsorexperimental
Has plannerexperimental
Has repositoryexperimental
Has spreakerexperimental
Has companieshouseexperimental
Has sourceTitleexperimental
Has unwelcomeguestsexperimental
Has companieshouse:experimental
Has companydirectorcheck:experimental
Has companycheck:experimental
Has redditexperimental
Has keywikiexperimental
Has kompanyexperimental
Has companiesintheukexperimental
Has checkcompanyexperimental
Has everipediaexperimental
Has steemitexperimental
Has modernhistoryprojectexperimental
Has thefullwikiexperimental
Has bitchuteexperimental
Has bbcwatchexperimental
Has endoleexperimental
Has advisorexperimental
ON has advisorexperimental
ON has sponsorexperimental
Has opencorporatesexperimental
Has companieslistexperimental
Has muckrackexperimental
Has theyworkforyouexperimental
Has researchgateexperimental
Has gabexperimental
Has cavdefexperimental
Has mindsexperimental
Has companiesintheuk:experimental
Has nationalityAtBirthexperimental
Has politicalPartyexperimental
Has facilitatorexperimental
Has kofiexperimental
Has gettrexperimental
Has paypalexperimental
Has influencewatchexperimental
Has coordinatesmooted
Equivalent URIspecial
Subproperty ofspecial
Imported fromspecial
Has subobjectspecial
Has typespecial
Modification datespecial
Subcategory ofspecial
Has improper value forspecial
Creation datespecial
Query formatspecial
Query stringspecial
Has default formspecial
Has queryspecial
Has locationstable
Is draftstable
Has keyPropertiesstable
ON constitutesstable
Has keyPropertyHeadersstable
Has fullPageNamestable
Display datestable
Is stubstable
Has websitestable
Has wikipediaPagestable
Has logostable
Has imagestable
Has URLstable
Has headquartersstable
Has subGroupstable
Has intereststable
Has twitterstable
Has infoboxstable
Has facebookstable
Has objectClassstable
Has usageCountstable
Has wikipediaPage2stable
Has fullPageNameestable
Has wikipediaProtectionstable
Has publicationDatestable
Born onstable
Died onstable
Has documentTypestable
Is aboutstable
Has publisherstable
Has ISBNstable
Has authorstable
Has recipientstable
Has translatorstable
Has reviewerstable
Sourced fromstable
Has operatorstable
Has localCopystable
Has originalLanguagestable
Has classificationstable
Has declassificationDatestable
Has founderstable
Has statusstable
Has linkedinstable
Has youtubestable
Has imdbstable
Has logo2stable
Source creditstable
Has spartacusstable
Has superGroupstable
Has revisionSizestable
Has namebasestable
Has nndbstable
Has historycommonsstable
Has sourcewatchstable
Display imagestable
Has childstable
Has religionstable
Has leaderstable
Has powerbasestable
So calledstable
Has almaMaterstable
Has nationalitystable
Has spousestable
Has averageRatingstable
Has originalTitlestable
Has noRatingsstable
Display lifespanstable
Has appointerstable
Has instagramstable
Has birthPlacestable
Has deathPlacestable
Has amazonstable
Has cspanstable
Has summarystable
Has sourceURLstable
Has sourceNamestable
Has vimeostable
Has mixcloudstable
Has soundcloudstable
Has crunchbasestable
Has nominatorstable
Has deathCausestable
Has titularLogostable
Has sourceDetailsstable
Has bilderbergCountstable
Has birthPlaceNowstable
Has memberstable
Has muckrockstable
Has militaristmonitorstable
Has deathPlaceNowstable
Disappeared onstable
Has saiditstable
Has parlerstable
Has vkstable
Has telegramstable
Has substackstable
Has injuriesstable
Has fatalitiesstable
Has survivorsstable
Has rumblestable
Has odyseestable
Status Explanation
mooted Not yet used on this wiki, awaiting feedback from other users.
experimental Used on this wiki, but still under development and liable to change.
stable Working as planned. An established part of the site's semantic model.
special Hardcoded into the SMW software
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