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MottoUnto us has befallen a mighty friendship.
FormationNovember 24, 1833
Headquarters3003 East 96th Street, Indianapolis, IN, USA
Typesecret society
Membership• Horatio Alger
• Chester A. Arthur
• George Bowdoin
• William H. T. Bush
• William Sloane Coffin
• Charles Proctor Cooper
• George Egleston Dodge
• Chauncey Depew
• William E. S. Griswold
• W. Averell Harriman
• Walter Belknap James
• Owen J. Roberts
• Nelson Rockefeller
• John Paul Stevens
• William S. Cohen
• Robert A. Lovett
• William Howard Taft
• William H. Webster
• Paul Martin
• John Negroponte
• Dean Sage Jr
• Porter Goss
The 5th oldest US college society
The 1960 Yale Psi Upsilon line up, featuring John Negroponte and Porter Goss.

Psi Upsilon, a.k.a. The Fence Club is the 5th oldest US college society. It has had many members who went on to hold key positions in the US government and the US deep state, a "who’s who of noteworthy ambassadors, justices, high-ranking public servants, and heads of state."[1]


Known members

11 of the 22 of the members already have pages here:

George BowdoinBanker with Drexel Morgan & Co. Corsair Club
William Sloane Coffin
William CohenUnited States Secretary of Defense 1997-2001, various deep state connections
Chauncey DepewUS deep state operative, classmate of two future US Supreme Court Justices, a member of Psi Upsilon, Skull and Bones, Corsair Club, The Pilgrims Society...
Porter Goss
W. Averell Harriman
Robert A. Lovett
Paul MartinSecond generation Bilderberg. Prime Minister of Canada
John NegroponteUS deep state operative. Oversaw the elimination of non violent resistance in Iraq after the US invasion
Nelson Rockefeller
William WebsterA "key member" of Diligence
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