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StartMarch 24, 1952
Leader ofNATO
DeputyDeputy Secretary General of NATO
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The leader of the civilian structure of NATO (SACEUR controls the military). "Informally selected" - since the Bilderberg Group's 1966 move to take control of this, the appointee has always been someone from amongst their ranks.Boss of the NATO/Deputy Secretary General.

NATO's Secretary General chairs some of the control committees and is drawn from the Bilderberg Group. The Supreme Allied Commander Europe is NATO's top military executive. The Deputy Secretary General of NATO has acted as acting Secretary General of NATO on occasions.

Official narrative

Wikipedia reports that there "is no formal process for selecting the Secretary General. Instead, the members of NATO traditionally reach a consensus on who should serve next. This procedure often takes place through informal diplomatic channels... The appointment is for 4 years, although it may be extended."

Deep state control

Chris Donnelly deep state operative.jpg

It is an open question whether NATO secretarygeneral has any de facto power, or whether, as a Bilderberg appointee he carries out the will of unnamed "special advisers".

Chris Donnelly, the UK deep politician who in 2006 co-founded the Institute for Statecraft, was just such a special adviser to four secretaries general of NATO (for a total of 13 years)[1], as well as to to figures including Margaret Thatcher.[2]

Selection by Bilderberg

The main "informal diplomatic channel" appears to be the Bilderberg meetings. Since the official narrative is that this is a mere social event, which just happens to have military grade secrecy, their control of who becomes NATO Secretary General is hard to prove. Nevertheless, it is interesting that all permanent NATO Secretaries General have attended the Bilberberg, and since the 1966 Bilderberg at which the structure of NATO was top of the agenda[3], all permanent Secretary General appointees attended at least one Bilderberg meeting before being given the job. Two temporary appointees, Sergio Balanzino (1994, 1995) and Alessandro Minuto-Rizzo (2003) are not thought to have attended.


Office Holders on Wikispooks

Jens Stoltenberg1 October 2014
Anders Fogh Rasmussen1 August 20091 October 2014
Jaap de Hoop Scheffer1 January 20041 August 2009
Alessandro Minuto-Rizzo17 December 20031 January 2004Acting
George Robertson14 October 199917 December 2003Consorted on a daily basis with convicted forger and fraudster, the spook Jan-Willem Matser.
Javier Solana5 December 19956 October 1999
Sergio Balanzino20 October 19955 December 1995Acting
Willy Claes17 October 199420 October 1995Resigned after the discovery of a bribe of over 50 million Belgian francs.
Sergio Balanzino13 August 199417 October 1994Acting
Manfred Wörner1 July 198813 August 1994
Peter Carrington25 June 19841 July 1988A Bilderberg chairman.
Joseph Luns1 October 197125 June 1984Longest ever serving Secretary General of NATO
Manlio Brosio1 August 19641 October 1971The last Secretary General of NATO who was appointed before he attended the Bilderberg.
Dirk Stikker21 April 19611 August 1964
Paul-Henri Spaak16 May 195721 April 1961
Hastings Ismay24 March 195216 May 1957The first Secretary General of NATO.