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"Conspiracy mindset"A tool of the deep state to undermine opposition. Anyone who believes in high level corruption (holds "conspiracy beliefs") is assumed to be mentally abnormal and deficient, although the majority of the population do so.
9-11/Cover-upA lot of resources have been devoted to containing the truth about the events of September 11th, 2001. However, while it has been more or less kept from television screens, awareness about 9-11 is growing worldwide.
Conspiracy theory/Academic researchLike "terrorism research", this is long on assumptions and short on empirical investigation (especially of the historical record). It is part of a project to demonize any criticism of official narratives and promote deep state denialism.
Destruction of evidence
JFK/Assassination/Cover-upThe cover-up of the JFK assassination continues.
Missing documentsFiles do go missing, both accidentally and on purpose. This article reviews some of the common patterns.
Pan Am Flight 103/Cover-upJust a few weeks after the December 1988 newspaper reports, Bernt Carlsson's name was more or less erased from the corporate media reporting of the Lockerbie event.


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