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Concept.png "Security service"
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The phrase "security service" is used to describe groups which, often explicitly exempt from national laws, carry out not only intelligence gathering operations, but also assassinations and murders. This article clarifies why the phrase "security service" is not used in this way on this website.

Definitely not to be used to describe an "intelligence agency", which as of 2018 are de facto enforcement arms of deep state groups.

The phrase "security service" is used by commercially-controlled media and official narratives as a synonym for "intelligence agency". These groups generally (but not always)[1] have at least a nominal affiliation to nation states.

Non usage on Wikispooks

The phrase should not used on this website, since it is associated with the polarising perspectives of "national security" and suggests that the groups perform a service.


By their own admission, "security services" are regularly involved in bombings and assassinations, so their claims to provide "security" seem unreasonable, at least as far as the recipients who are killed and injured.


While some credit could be given for the "service" rendered by such groups in their preventing WW3 or the use of nuclear weapons, their role in this is moot. Employees of such groups have after all been involved in spreading the nuclear and biological weapon technology, so the claim that they provide a value "service" in return for their immense budgets seems uncertain.


After reviewing their involvement in Operation Gladio, which killed hundreds if not thousands of people, a German speaker[Who?] at the CCC questioned the normal German phrase (Sicherhesitsdiensten) for such groups. He suggested instead that a more suitable epithet would be unsicherhesitsdiensten: (literally: insecurity services).


  1. Examples of private intelligence agencies are, for example, Brian Crozier's 61