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A system of reward and punishment mechanisms for the government to control its citizens.

A system of reward and punishment mechanisms for the government to control its citizens. The system is based on data collection, surveillance and combination of databases (including social media), leading to a final score, which resembles Facebook likes. Except, if nobody 'likes' you, you won't be able to fly, ride a train and you pay higher taxes. This has already been implemented in China[1].

With the introduction of vaccine passports the supranational deep state has essentially introduced a global social credit system starting in 2021.

Carbon limit reached

Transaction denied Carbon limit reached.jpg

The companu Doconomy together with Mastercard and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) created a credit card that works hand-in-hand with a phone app, launched in April 2019, that quantifies the CO₂ emissions generated from each credit card transaction, setting monthly CO2 limits – ensuring your carbon footprint is cut by 50 per cent – it will literally deny cardholders from spending once they have used up their allowance. Every purchase has a carbon footprint attached, which is displayed on the Doconomy app.[2]

"The core purpose is the ability, not only to measure the impact of your consumption, but also to bring it to a direct halt,” the company stated. The website currently features a sneak peek of the message the card user will be met with as soon as they hit their carbon max, warning: “Transaction denied! Carbon limit reached.”[2][3]

The DO card comes at the same time as an August 2021 Nature study “calling for ‘carbon allowances’ that would monitor individuals’ CO2 emissions through smart meters and tracking apps.”[4]

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